The Midst Of A Fundamental Tech-Led Transformative Wave To Create Easier & Greener Path For Automobile Industry

What was a dream in yesteryears, today it is a reality!

Today, an average car is 90 percent hardware and 10 percent software but in a few years from now we will upgrade this equation to 40 percent hardware, 40 percent software and remaining 20 percent will be for content.
Few years ago rewiring auto industry was just a mere myth. But the recent remarkable trends generated by technology have set new disruptive standards. I must say automotive sector is preparing to enhance the customer experience from electric cars to driverless vehicles focusing on sustainability and eco-friend liness. Currently, all the manufacturers are putting their best foot forward in investing on green technologies such as biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells, in order to reduce carbon footprint.

Present generation is undoubtedly embracing creativity, innovation and sustain ability. Therefore we are moving forward with a new thought of adapting to advanced concepts in designing cars, in sales, marketing and servicing. A new phase is evolving to add more convenience and ease to the customers. We are witnessing new methods of manufacturing of vehicles made up by the robots and automated processes that reduce cost of productions and simultaneously increase the production volume.

Commercialization of technology is driving smarter ideas to customize and personalize auto services. It is also being said that by 2040 the autonomous vehicle industry will rise to 3.6 trillion opportunities. It is proved that the automobile industry will be profitable as it is considered as gold mine. A report from Ericsson reveals that the connected automobile market is expected to reach $166 billion globally by 2025. Artificial intelligence has introduced advanced features such as ADAS (advanced driver assistant system), mobile app-based controls, natural language processing, multi-screen environments powered by sensor-rich environments using 5G, edge computing and so many more inventions are motivating the manufacturers to invest more on new business models.

Next, undoubtedly the output is going to be double and the dream has finally turned into furious reality with innovations like `self-driven vehicles'. It is believed that this part of reality is yet to evolve fruitfully as they are still in a developing stage. But in the near future we will be surely enjoying the services of self-driving cars

As a result, it is very clear that people would want seamless experience and this will lead to create seamless innovation.

Connectivity will be the nexus in revolutionizing the automotive industry