The Nation towards Reducing Pollution & Dependence of Fuel

'Though the wheels of EV vehicles are turning slowly but it will turn smoothly & swiftly and soon FUEL WHEELS will be down and EV WHEELS will be up

Is it hopeless to stop Global Warming? Why are scientists so worried about Global Warming? Is Human the main cause for Global Warming?
Indeed TRUE! The acts of Human like oil drilling and vehicle pollution are leading to Global Warming. Therefore many countries are looking forward for creative solutions in order to save the planet. Thus,Governments are deliberate and giving due importance to the concept of ‘CLEAN MOBILITY’. Experiments give scientists a chance to practice what they are inventing & developing and one such hybrid & sustainable experiment is ‘Creation of Electric Vehicles.’

India’s 21 out of 30 cities are most polluted therefore not only Governments, infact companies and startups have put their foot forward to overcome the issue and figure out sustainable solutions. Although India’s Automobile Industry being the 4th largest in the world, EV Industry is still in its nascent stage and the growth trends seem to be promising. As per data from Tracxn, there are 486 Electric Vehicle startups in India.

So, will INDIA be an EV Nation?
To give a push to EV sales in India Government has implemented various initiatives like ‘The National Electricity Mobility Mission Plan’ & Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (FAME). As a result, every state government is encouraging and fueling the EV startups through their own growth of policies & initiatives.

The Indian EV market houses various small as well as large EV startups and is estimated to reach $15,397Bn by 2027.Indian EV startups are tech driven mobility platforms offering a slew of services like sustainable mobility, energy infrastructure, commercial mobility and battery management systems to the general masses and other organizations. These startups use IoT, ML & AI for demand supply management and efficient operation. Altogether these startups are strongly contributing in keeping the Earth healthy and green through their new hybrid techniques and products.

Nevertheless, the concept of growth is a continuous process and many startups are planning many other tech based solutions like subscription based usage, GPS tracks, predict enemy demand, locate nearest charging stations, support EV adoption, and so on. Here are some Indian startups that are helping the nation fight the challenges and promote greater adoption of EVs in the country.
We aim to strike for CLEANER & GREENER future!