This is the time for EQUALITY, WOMEN & more STARTUPS!

From the past times to the present times, women are the epitome of strength. Can we ignore this fact? Definitely not! From women warriors to corporate women, the journey was tough, traumatizing and tormenting yet fruitful and significant. It wasn’t a cake walk to battle over gender inequality & stereotypes. All thanks to strong women like Velu Nachiyar, Kuyili, Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mother Teresa, Kiran Bedi, Kiran Mazumdar, Nita Ambani, and the list has no end. Today’s women are influenced by yesterday’s women warriors and trend setters who have evoked confidence and strength to overcome any hurdles and barriers.

That is why it is believed and henceforth proved that in the current work space scenario women incorporate more office skills than men. All through these years, women have been confused in choosing the right path as they always juggle fulfilling domestic responsibilities and professional dreams both simultaneously. Nonetheless, women have successfully surpassed every difficult path and have already kick started a journey of entrepreneurship courageously. When we look into the business records, many women have already added a feather of proud and success in their cap. We have amazing women startup founders and entrepreneurs who are setting new trends in the market.

Government is adding fuel to their determination by providing good schemes and funds to strike harder. Additionally, investors and VCs are eager to work with women entrepreneurs as they are hard working, passionate and great goal setters. Nothing can come in between their dreams and desires and nothing can stop them from building their own realm in the world of business. Whether they are labeled ambitious or aggressive, they are unstoppable when they have science and technology as their supportive system. Women have wholeheartedly voiced out their opinions and ideas in order to roar against the players who play a game of bias, patriarchy and misogamy.

Technology is the focal point helping women to fight against all types of discrimination in the society and work place. From being behind the ceiling glasses to manufacturing the ceiling glasses to using those ceiling glasses to build interiors, women are spearheading the startups ecosystem confidently. Women are no more like those unsung heroes who were fighters yet they were hidden behind walls where darkness had buried their identity. Today they are the heroes, the heroines, the villains and the supporting actors too. I mean to say nothing can stop, nothing can scare them anymore. They have stopped questioning their role & existence rather they are raising voice about rights and policies and spreading awareness to caution every woman who is suffering behind the walls. They are enthusiastically taking part in politics and bold roles of the society to mitigate inequality and discrimination completely.

By leveraging technology and embarking the startups journey, Women are proudly strengthening their core leadership ethics, values and manifesting their rights. They are confidently evolving using their hidden talent, creativity and innovation and fearlessly reinforcing into a new path of financial independence and freedom. Moreover, they are fiercely demanding all the rights such as enjoying a rise in pay, asking for a higher position, questioning for property rights and more. It is high time to break through repressive systems and live fearless life where no one can objectify the status of women.

Rise and raise your voice by ideating and innovating something new and unique. Be the next startup entrepreneur!