Understanding Consumer Behaviors, from Customers' PoV

India’s first newspaper ‘Bengal Gazette’ displayed Ads for the first time starting with classified advertising. Advertisements in the 18th century were meant to inform the public. Periodicals announced deaths, births, sale of household furniture and arrival of ships from England for trade purposes. After 1957, the British owned agencies were acquired by Indian businesses. This period saw a massive boom in the expansion and growth of the advertisements in newspapers and other public dissemination forms. Ad business took a giant leap with the introduction of multi colour printing, efficient and fast printing machines and the development of commercial art.

Internet came and conquered. Advertising particularly, just changed forever. The advertising industry has evolved dramatically as a result of the internet, and it continues to develop as new technology and platforms are released. There are more platforms and venues to promote than ever before, yet consumers are exposed to so much advertising every day that it requires some thing extra ordinary to get their attention. Many companies use advertising testing as well to stay ahead in the advertising industry.

Digital commerce is going strong and growing, leading to new paths such as mobile, programmatic, analytics, data management, and more. With new tools and technologies emerging every year, marketers can choose from a plethora of options across digital marketing to connect to a new audience and promote their products. Adtech plays a great part to strategize, plan and managing all the advertising activities for companies and agencies, through various advanced tools and software. There are multiple plans and tactics that the Adtech company briefs you about.

These startups are taking a variety of approaches to innovating inside of the Marketing industry and around the world. We feel this edition features startups that are considered the top rated digital marketing and content development agencies.