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Recollect the last time you had a good heart-to-heart talk with your house? A real soul-searching, tell-it-like-it-is discussion about your needs and desires? Too many homeowners neglect these meaningful tete-a-tetes, and as a result, they and their homes, both fall into what can best be described as 20th-century ennui or, the not-so-smart home syndrome.

Cheaper data, higher disposable income, and reduced hardware costs have led to India as the second largest digital market in the world. With a quest to make life simple and secure, technology has gained central stage in all walks of life including the designing of homes. The smart home market in India was estimated to grow significantly and become a nine billion U.S. dollar market.

Today’s latest home automation systems enable the house to do everything it can to please the owner, from announcing that the carpets need cleaning to notifying if the wine cellar temperature is a tad too high for your Jim Beam. At the same time, there are multiple products and options available in the market to ensure security of your home with smart devices.

Home automation has been around since Joseph Henry pioneered the electric doorbell in 1831. Ever since, we’ve loved the idea of having our houses do things for us, making our home environment safer, cheaper to maintain, and hopefully saving us time that could be put to good use just goofing off. Certainly there’s no shortage of excellent gadgets and gizmos designed to keep you safe, happy, and entertained at home. But the current evolution in home automation is about integrating all of a home’s systems into a centralized control that can be accessed from multiple entry points home based touch pads, computer screens, landline telephones, cell phones, and mobile devices, such as iPads.

This edition is bringing together the emerging players in the Indian home automation market. From product based startups to smart home enablers, the featured startups have taken the notch up higher in home automation. It's not longer about just voice commands.