Video Content Will Remain the Dominant Format in the Digital Landscape

The old cliché goes, `a picture is worth a thousand words'. But it still holds true, especially in today's world. Video format content has gradually emerged as a vehicle of choice for brands and enterprises to communicate with their consumers more effectively. Video is no longer just one piece of a brand's overall marketing plan. It has transitioned into becoming the very epicenter to a business' outreach and campaign efforts, especially to its social strategy. Physical brochures and other marketing collaterals have made way for well produces corporate movies, explainer videos, animation videos and other short format video content. Smart video production can help you tell your story to your audience, reach more people, and even nurture existing clients. Helping brands talk to their end consumers with more clarity and grabbing more eyeballs in today's forever distracted generation, video production has certainly risen to emerge as the undisputed champion in the market.

A majority of this growth has been propelled by the growing internet penetration and acceptance of smart devices across the country. India has witnessed a massive rise in terms of internet penetration and is today home to the second largest online population. The huge proliferation of smartphone devices coupled with faster internet connectivity is one of the primary reasons driving the video production sector. It is predicted that India will have 702 million smartphone users by 2020. Statistics from experts says that as many as 50 percent of video views aggregate to be from mobile users. With the digital wave well underway, the Indian population has largely gravitated towards video content format. This trend doesn't come as a surprise since the entire world is moving towards the video format. According to Cisco's visual networking index, video traffic is expected to quadruple by 2022, accounting for 82 percent of all IP traffic.

As video content emerges as a critical vehicle for communicating on every platform and channel, several young firms have cropped up to help brands leverage the benefits of well produces video content. Armed with technical skills sets and an innovative bent of mind, these startups are churning out of the box video content for brands across all industry segments. The current edition of StartupCity presents to you 10 such promising video production startups that are trailblazers in the industry. Treading forward with a vision to create beautiful stories on film, these startups provide a colorful twist to the rather monotone corporate video segment.

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