We're Just Starting to Get to Know the Potential of AI

While launching startups in India using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, the pipeline for top-tier "been there, done that" founders has been expanding by the dozens. Startups using flimsy AI applications are also soon learning that both funders and customers are becoming pickier.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the most revolutionary invention among the quickly advancing technologies, and it is anticipated to have a greater influence on the evolution of mankind. By assisting humans in their work, artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly increase workplace productivity. AI frees up the human labour by taking over monotonous business operations chores, allowing people to concentrate on jobs requiring creativity and empathy.

The widespread adoption of AI in everyday operations is being driven by rising technology investments, increased internet usage, and improvements in the entire digital infrastructure. Experts anticipated that most organisations will switch to AI-powered systems, apps, security systems, data analysis, and other applications in the years to come due to the rapid expansion of AI and ML. Globally, the number of AI firms has surged 14 times since 2000, and investments in these startups have climbed six times, according to a Forbes study. Since data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are at the heart of the technological revolution, there are many more employment openings than competent applicants in this industry. According to experts, the number of jobs in the largely AI-based fields of data science and mathematical science would increase by 31.4% by the year 2030.

Due to the profound changes in business practises and the rapid growth of technology, the field of artificial intelligence has been rapidly gaining ground, and this trend is only likely to continue in the years to come. This edition sheds light on the startups that have significantly raised the bar of what AI is capable of achieving. It will be a treat to read about them.