Chander Moorjan: Shaping India's Education System: One Child At A Time

Chander Moorjani, DirectorLeaving old traditions behind and embracing new developments is a sign of growth. In the last decade, education has seen the most progress than it has in any other time. Children today have a plethora of resources available at their fingertips. This wouldn't have been possible with-out the integration of technology into education, leading to the birth of EdTech.

Ensuring to utilize the tools to their absolute potential, Chander Moorjani, Director of Sales at Square Panda is doing his bit in shaping India's education system and deciding where we're going next. He is putting his problem-solving and project planning skills together with his passion for better education to create a finer learning experience.

Chander began his journey as Big Pharma executive managing sales of life-saving drugs to major parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa. With his sales acumen and business skills, at an early age, Chander had worked in multiple states and accomplished more than he could ever have envisaged. During his stint with Big Pharma, the prospects were never-ending and the pay was good, but satisfaction was missing- the kind of com-fort one gets only when they know that they are making an impact on the world.

However, fate had other striking plans set for him.Soon, Chander realized that he wasn't felicitous, although he was happy with his job, the values weren't aligned with who he was as a per-son. Chander, with the zeal to make an impact and change lives, started looking into other options, those that would satisfy him altruistically. Of the few shortlisted, he decided to venture into EdTechto further the state of cognitive learning in the country.

This was driven by his experience working with the industry giants where Chander learned that there was a huge gap and required quality intervention in education in India. "Education is the only way to guarantee financial stability and open doors all around the globe. With a career in EdTech, I could make a difference in other children's lives and ensure the children in my family could receive the best education as well", signifies Chander.
In the last five years with the highest retention rates for students and zero dropouts, Chander has seen immense progress for the new teaching models which have turned out to be a success and allowed him to empower hundreds to fall in love with learning and secure a brighter future for them. This was finally something he could see himself doing.

Despite the pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives, Chander has managed to train over 8000+ preschool teachers and helped them upskill and adjust their teaching methods to suit a wider variety of learners. This has all been free of cost, including the certificates. Currently, he works at Square Panda and uses multisensory, phonics-based learning to make learning easier and more fun.He also works with e-product training/solution, development and implementation of training modules, and development of task trackers.

Having said that, this was no walk on the flower bed, it came with its own unique set of challenges. Initially, the biggest hurdle Chander had to traverse was sales and post-sales. Back then there was no market for these products, people didn't know that they required this.But today, everyone is aware of it and no longer see it as a luxury. EdTech has emerged to transform the education and learning scenarios. Chander saw this as an opportunity and jumped on the bandwagon, determined to improve India's situation with education.

Education helps you gain knowledge, skills and experience to help you both in your career as well as in life

Preparing Children For Life
Chander has continually worked to empower children to become independent self-learners with a rock-steady vision and the enthusiasm to ensure that every child has access to the best educational tools. In his journey as an educator, he discovered that kids have different learning styles, and must adapt the teaching methods to suit each child individually. Keeping this radical discovery in mind, he designed his training and sessions to be accessible and inclusive.

Significantly, when he worked in remote parts of Central India, many children owing to a lack of exposure even in higher grades were struggling to even pronounce English letters. They had textbooks, but they couldn't read at all. Chander along with his team, with the EdTech solutions, introduced an intervention of two months, which was enough to do wonders. Consequently, the students were able to read unseen passages just as skillfully as they read the provided solutions.

Chander to change how children learn and has helped his own children bravely face the challenges of life and go on to become successful. His success story from broke to affluent and successfully overcoming numerous obstacles, his children having created successful lives for themselves, and the impact he makes on every child, showing them the way and leading them to success, are the milestones that Chander considers to have bestowed him with utmost satisfaction.

"The pure, unadulterated feeling of joy and the legacy I'll be leaving behind is truly everything I've ever wanted.And with a commitment to making good education accessible to every child in India in the next 10 years, I promise I'll keep going", concludes Chander.