Alternative Fuel Vehicles In The Post Pandemic Era

Ankit is a Tech Investor, Emerging Market Strategist, Founder, EV Expert & Startup Evangelist. An alumnus of KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, he specializes in business advisory, strategy consulting, implementation & transaction process ensuring successful startup operations in India.

An alternative fuel vehicle is basically an auto-mobile that uses anything besides petrol or diesel. It uses efficient and environment friendly resources and energy that doesn't add to the existing pressure on a few non-renewable resources like petrol. From being just a known concept in India to actually people wanting to buy and invest in such vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles come with state -of-the-art technology and cater to the needs of people now.

With more and more people wanting to switch to better and sustainable options, the awareness of alternate fuels available in the market has increased. Some of the alternative energy options used by vehicles now-a-days are - biofuels like ethanol or biodiesel or even the mixture of both, compressed gas, hydrogen, electricity, steam, solar energy, batteries, kinetic energy used by electric cars, heat energy (thermoelectric technology), compressed air, nitrogen and LPG (liquified petroleum gas).

Post pandemic world has in fact changed a lot and is calling for transitions in our daily lives and routine ranging from maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask to switch to better vehicles with alternative fuels and energy. People are slowly but steadily changing the way they commute. Considering the current scenario electric bicycles are the best option available in the market.

Electric bicycles are an ideal option for shorter com-mute. Considering the fact that you can both pedal the bicycle or ride the bicycle without putting any effort, people are highly inclined to get their hands on one of these.

Having a strong and healthy respiratory system has been emphasized so deeply in the entire situation of COVID 19 and that directly reflects in our choice. Cycling has been best proven outdoor exercise for years now. Electric bicycles are for everyone, its utility is for everyone. People can use it for its health benefits as well as cutting down the costs on shorter commutes.

GoZero Mobility has been one of the front runners in bringing a change in country like India. Its products are highly targeted to the masses, where they get top notch quality products at a much affordable price. Making it more affordable, GoZero has been constantly introducing finance schemes be it for online platform or for offline stores.

Currently having two products in the market, GoZero is all geared up to bring in number of new products targeting each segment of the market with the sole motto of making electric bicycles for everyone. When the technology comes in play with the conventional bicycles it's all a different ball game. Now cycling is not just an exercise, it's much more than that.

The Indian government is now bringing in policies to pave a way for bringing in more and more electric bi-cycles on the road. Companies like GoZero Mobility are actively working on pushing the government stakeholders to bring in changes like creating side lanes for bicycles in the cities. Government has been actively working on it and the changes are quite visible now.

Here's something to get you started on what are the benefits of using GoZero Mobility electric bicycles:

1. High quality products: All the components used in making GoZero bikes are of top notch quality. The feel a customer gets while riding the bike is unparalleled.

2. Technology: Digital display which shows number of different ride stats and it enables user to control different aspects of the bikes.

3. Making commute easier: A user can use the bi-cycle in different modes like pedal assist mode where he gets assist from the motor which enables pedalling easier. Other modes include Throttle mode where one doesn't have to put any effort in riding the bike.

4. Affordability: GoZero products are priced very reasonably enabling everyone to make the purchase. Furthermore, all types of EMIs and finance schemes are available.