Value Creed: Nurturing A Culture Of Modern Employee Development In A Digital-First World

Nitesh Raj, Co-Founder, And Managing Director - IndiaOften beginning a career and developing one into a lifetime of professional fulfillment is a path riddled with uncertainty. Fast-moving corporate demands, executive expectations, and ever-changing technologies place pressure on professionals to keep their skills sharp, develop their expertise and drive exponential value for their employer. Likewise, employers seek new ways to engage and establish digitally native employees while focusing on business demands. These two forces, personal development, and corporate goal attainment, are at the center of Value Creed's "Upskill to Outperform" culture code.

Founded in 2016, Value Creed started its operation from the Hyderabad office, headed by Nitesh Raj, the Co-founder and the Managing Director of the company. With a vision of creating a disruptive offering in the antiquated space of CTRM/ETRM consulting and implementation, Value Creed quickly expanded its operations to the USA and Canada. Today, it has an expert team of over 30+ CTRM consultants, project managers, and cloud experts.

This fast-growing Hyderabad-based office brings a new model exclusively to the commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) ecosystem focused on upgrading, improving, and optimizing CTRM platforms from software selection through the run-operate phase. The firm focuses on supporting companies throughout their CTRM journey by providing six core areas of services: dual time zone managed services, deep CTRM functional and technical expertise-on-demand, CTRM upgrades, and testing services for new extensions and modifications, cloud configuration and management, and finally, business process outsourcing.

"We believe in providing unparalleled value to our clients. We promise to deliver a set of managed services and solutions that improves ROI, improves user experience, and delivers more value to your organization," - Nitesh Raj

Value Creed as a Modern, Digital First Culture-Driven to Develop Excellence
Just as Hyderabad is recognized for its diverse cultural influences, Value Creed seeks to make a name for itself as a leading employer here. By combining a work/life balanced approach to expert-led employee modeling and training, the company's approach to professional development is truly revolutionary. "Our interest is in educating, training, and modeling the best practice. Thus, we expect high levels of performance from our team members," noted Mr. Raj.
"Our goal is to deliver outstanding services - unparalleled in our industry - as a disruptive force in the CTRM space. To do this, we empower our employees, and we prepare them to be their personal best by using methods like "modeling" and "mentoring" with senior experts. This approach ensures higher levels of success and aptitude much faster, and it enables us to exceed our client's expectations continuously."

Value Creed strives to create a work environment that is supportive, collaborative, and, most importantly, constructive. "We want our people to feel valued, trusted, and engaged. We create a positive environment and always encourage new ideas to be brought to the table. We believe in transparent and open communication, which helps build trust and increase productivity." says Mr. Raj.

Value Comes from Unwavering Commitment
Employee development is multifold at Value Creed. The company has a specific set of values established by the executive team and upheld throughout the organization. The company's leadership continuously strives to improve operations to support teamwork and accountability. "There is a sense of unity, and employees share how they feel that they're working for something larger than just themselves. We work towards something bigger as a team," notes Mr. Raj.

Value Creed's compassionate leadership team provides mentorship and guidance to drive the overall growth and development of an employee

The company also rewards growth annually with a special event, the "VC Oscars." Most recently, in 2020, key hires were recognized for their contributions and celebrated during an evening of fun, photo spots, and more.

Discovering Talent, a Priority Focus
Value Creed's leadership team is closely involved in every role's recruitment. This entails rigorous candidate interviews for the right skill and culture fit. Once hired, new employees participate in a multi-faceted onboarding and training program. The goal is to enable employees to learn how to do their job effectively, engage with their co-workers, ask questions, offer ideas, and voice concerns.

“Increased productivity, less than 5% attrition rate, highly motivated employees, and impeccable trust between employees and management are a few of the significant outcomes of our "Employee First Policy." - Nitesh Raj”

Overall, the company promotes a fun-loving culture complete with team outings and frequent activities to build trust amongst team members. Daily work is managed with professionalism focused on managing workloads effectively, identifying employee strengths, and successful delivery for the clients. This holistic approach connects employee talents with client demands. Over time, employees grow their expertise and expand their skill sets as they get to work on challenging projects. This continuous development approach is enriched by Value Creed's employee feedback survey model. Employees are encouraged to share feedback through anonymous surveys, which the leadership team addresses in a time-bound manner.

“Value Creed is the first CTRM/ETRM managed services provider offering the industry a dual time zone model capable of supporting clients worldwide, 24/7/365”

Nitesh Raj, Co-Founder, And Managing Director – India
Value Creed is becoming one of India's leading CTRM/ETRM professional services providers by building a culture that is modern, progressive, and dedicated to excellence. Mr. Raj leads this effort by continuously seeking talent and growing the skills of every team member. This commitment makes Value Creed an employer that is truly a place where employees find and feel value.