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Leeladhar Rao Founder & CEO HappyMinds  Sridhat Sharma Kummamuru, Co-Founder

Leeladhar Rao,Founder & CEO, HappyMinds

Actions speak louder than words. Often you hear business leaders talking rainbows and butterflies about technology adoption and how it is going to transform the world. The real question one needs to ask here is –are they doing something about it? Well, even thinking about it is farfetched. Never theless, encouraging the new entrants who are in the business of making a difference in the industry is the need of the hour.

Brewing the change in recruitment landscape is Hyderabad-based HappyMinds, a nextgen startup that leverages technology to replace the redundant processes in the system. The smiles behind establishing such a unique firm led us to Mr. Leeladhar Rao & Mr. Sridhar Sharma Kummamuru, industry experts who have cumulative work experience of 30+ years in the recruitment and staffing industry. Having worked in the process-oriented companies throughout their professional stint, and the duo has had numerous ideas along the path, which eventually led them to start a venture of their own.

“The liberty of experimenting, our ideas/concepts had fifty-fifty percent chances if we still were in our corporate jobs. Starting our company was the only way forward which increased our success rate multifold,”avers Leeladhar Rao, Founder & CEO, HappyMinds.

Hiring the Right Talent can be Tricky!
Traditionally, the recruitment process can be tedious and cumbersome. It takes 10-12 days or maybe a month time to hire the right candidates, who are fit for the position/job role. Recruiters go through a roller coaster ride in screening the right candidates. Understanding this, HappyMinds has optimized the entire process and has simplified the steps to help both candidates and recruiters to next level.

Leeladhar, explicates,“Today, what recruiters do is they go to the job portals – post the requirements, and from there they shortlist the candidates, call them for interview. This is followed by a series of tests and other screening processes, and then finally comes the hiring of the candidates, and background verification, so on and so forth. Our solution addresses 80 percent of these aspects in less than a minute, making hiring process - quick, efficient and hassle-free.”

Selfie Video Resume – The Latest Trend in CVs
For candidates, it is a whole different ball game. The struggle is real. HappyMinds understanding this more than anything has simplified the experience by creating a platform for candidates to land in their dream job.At the same time, it provides the recruiters an easy way out to hire quality talent.

Most importantly, the 50-60 seconds window of a selfie video resume is all it takes for the recruiter to evaluate the candidate. If interested, they can call the candidates for the further selection process. Before all this, the HappyMinds application takes several tests and skill-based assessments that are required, for the position. To avoid a breach, the AI-powered face-recognition feature, exits the test immediately, if unmatched. All-and-all it is completely foolproof.

Today, HappyMinds has more than 20-26 clients reaping benefits from the platform. Their clients include some of the big names in the industry and unicorn start-ups. “How are we making an impact in this giant ecosystem?” responds Sridhar,
“Simple, despite being one of the hundredth vendors for our clients, our technology speaks for itself.”

Carving a niche in the industry, HappyMinds offers a gamut of HR services and solutions to its clients, and till date has served close to 15,000+ members, posted more than 1100+ jobs, uploaded 6800 CVs, partnered with 136 companies, sent 685+ selfie video resumes, and provided 900 + immediate joiners to the clients. The candidates range from fresher, to middle-management, and director level.

"We have served close to 15,000+ members, posted more than 1100+ jobs, uploaded 6800 CVs, partnered with 136 companies, sent 685+ selfie video resumes, and provided 800+ immediate joiners to our clients"

“Surprisingly, it came to our notice that more than freshers, a lot of B-schools candidates are using our platform,” says Leeladhar. “We are evolving each, and every day. It is not always about money for us. We are in the business of providing employment. Therefore if someone lands in their dream job through our application, that’s the happiness at works.”

The Journey of Enabling Next Gen Staffing Solutions
Founded in March 2013, HappyMinds started its journey in a euphoric way. “They say 99 percent of the people work for that one percent, who inspires and leads everyone,”says Leeladhar, with conviction. As first time-entrepreneurs, Leeladhar and Sridhar did face a few hurdles along the way, but successfully overcoming them, today their company HappyMinds stands tall amidst other competitors in the market.

Sridhat Sharma Kummamuru, Co-Founder

“It is all about creating quality, cost-effective, and value-added products to the entire ecosystem. We are just doing that. At present, there are several recruiting firms burgeoning in the marketplace. If not, HappyMinds the clients can go to some other minds!” says Leeladhar, wittily.

HappyMinds believes in the philosophy of no-boss or having a boss.The team takes complete responsibility for addressing the client’s needs and requirements at all times.“We are blessed to have a great set of young and energetic team, who are always on the hook for new ideas. It’s all about positivity at HappyMinds, and we transfer the same vibes to our clients,”mentions Sridhar.

Growing Blissfully
Over the years, HappyMinds has grown purely on word of mouth. In the recent past, the company has created a buzz-word in town with its unique service offerings like Selfie Video Resume & AI face-recognition features. It was covered by some of the big media houses, in India.

Initially, started with just two members, today the team has grown to18+ full-time employees and 40+ contract employees.Recently, the company has opened a new office in Vijayawada and has collaborated with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to take the product to a whole new level.

“In the last three years, there has been a drastic drop of 18 percent in tier II and tier III cities. Therefore, our plan for the future relies upon spreading across 52+ tier II & tier III cities across India, as this eventually reduces people migrating to metro cities,” concludes Leeladhar, sharing his concerns. “At least if we make two percent impact, that is all we are targeting, as the market is huge.”

Key Management:
Leeladhar Rao, Founder & CEO
Leeladhar Rao is an MBA graduate with 18+ years of work experience in companies like TCS, Microsoft, Kenexa(IBM) and Team Lease. Man of words, Leeladhar handles end-to-end operations in the company, and is known for his out-of-the-box ideas and specializes in providing strategic HR solutions to its clients across industries.

Sridhat Sharma Kummamuru, Co-Founder
Sridhar is an MBA graduate from the University of Wales with 15+years of HR experience. He has previously worked with Invensys and was Global HR Head of Incessant Technologies.

Product & Service Offerings - in a Nutshell
-Permanent Staffing
-Flexi Staffing
•HappyMinds App
-Selfie Video Resume
-AI Face Recognition