• Kriptone: A TrailBlazer In The Endpoint Fraud Detection Industry Landscape
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    Kriptone: A TrailBlazer In The Endpoint Fraud Detection Industry Landscape

    Over the last decade, digitalization has been rapid which has impacted all different industry verticals in one way or the other. While this has offered plethora of advantages for organizations, digital frauds have also increased significantly during the same time frame. Monitoring is a very important aspect when it comes to fraud detection. There are various solutions organizations use to prevent fraud ranging from firewalls, VPN, DLP, endpoint protection, identity and access management. Still a lot of data thefts happen at alarming rates across industry verticals. Most of the data leakages happen from the endpoints and this is one aspect that many organizations ignore. Helping business organizations to know and control what is happening on their endpoints is Kriptone. The company has...


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