• Codincity: Steering Businesses Through Cloud-Native Services
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    Codincity: Steering Businesses Through Cloud-Native Services

    The post-pandemic era has created the need for companies of all sizes to become Digital in all aspects of their business. There is a never seen before demand in going Digital across Products, Customer experience, Business processes, Supplier engagement, Marketing, etc. We have dawned into an era where technology has become the driving force and key differentiator for business growth and profitability across all industries. While Digital spans across several technologies such as AI/ML, blockchain, mobile platforms, 5G, IoT, metaverse, AR/VR and many more, the driving force behind making these technologies easily accessible, affordable, deployable and manageable is Cloud. Cloud services, whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, have allowed companies to adopt Digital technologies at a much faster...


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