• CallADoc: An 18 Year Old's Vision for the Future
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    CallADoc: An 18 Year Old's Vision for the Future

    In November 2013, Raahil Reddy was in his ninth grade and was participating in an idea generation competition that was conducted at his school.While brainstorming for the school business competition, Raahil recalled some of the most common problems faced by his family members and the first person who popped into his mind was his grandmother. She suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis and hence found it hard to commute to and from the hospital. Therefore, he came up with a solution to this and presented a company which his friends and him referred to as CallADoc. However, seeing the positive feedback CallADoc received from all the judges and the overall interest in the product from his classmates, Raahil and another friend perceived the feasibility of the application and decided to develop...


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