Infernocart: Pan India Security &Safety Needs, All Under One Umbrella

Karan Rai,Managing Director

Karan Rai

Managing Director

The global Business-to-Business e-commerce market size was valued at USD 6.64 trillion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.7% from 2021 to 2028. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a shift in consumer preference for online shopping, creating avenues for growth. An increase in the number of orders, consumer behavior changes, supply chain disruptions, and closure of physical stores has impacted the B2B e-commerce business outlook. While retail sales dipped in 2020, e-commerce sales witnessed a surge. While the coronavirus outbreak created havoc worldwide, limiting physical contact while ensuring business continuity became the top priority for businesses. Therefore, several business-to-business vendors encouraged their customers to shop online. Most industries were fairly successful in moving their business online while some struggled to pick up pace, specifically, the security and safety products industry. The security and safety products industry is siloed with no significant one-stop-shop for all kinds of products. Even as eCommerce infused and consolidated most of the industries in its embrace, safety & security equipment did not really find a safe haven for it flourish as mainstream in India. Not until Infernocart came into the picture.

“Electronic security systems have become the norm rather than the exception. The new-age security market has evolved from analogue to digital systems”

Established in 1986, Infernocart is a B2B Ecommerce portal that serves all industry needs. Headquartered in New Delhi, this online store is the sister concern of Inferno Pacifires Pvt. Ltd., a reliable name amidst the trusted high standard security solution provider since its inception. Inferno has been
an established and popular name with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and service for the public sector. Infernocart specializes in selling security and industrial products, and is also the only online store to provide the best installation and annual maintenance services across India.

Unique Business Model
In the B2B sector, the pricing significantly drives the market of the products. Infernocart ensures that the range of products sold on its platform are economical and do not have cumulative added costs. Every product on the Infernocart portal is sourced from local manufacturers directly and sold at the whole sale value. This implies there are no sellers involved thereby eradicating retail costs on the products.

In a span of 1 year, infernocart has reached a revenue growth of 80 lacs and is growing manifold on repeat orders as well. Determining the best shipping strategy for your B2B business comes with its own set of unique challenges, from freight shipments to client-specific requirements and more. Some of the factors include possibility and frequency of repeat orders, small shipments, bulky items that are difficult to rate, quoting and real-time rating, existing agreements and contracts, and faster or emergency deliveries. To resolve this dilemma and cater to the clients better, Infernocart is aiming to establish its offline presence.

At the same time, Infernocart intends to spread it wings on the overseas market as well.

with such a demand to meet, infernocart is prepared to diversify and multiply their outreach and product portfolio

Exponential Growth Promised
Electronic security systems have become the norm rather than the exception. The new-age security market has evolved from analogue to digital systems. A typical electronic security product portfolio includes systems across intrusion and detection, access control, surveillance, safety, and such. Over the last decade, the industry has grown based on some fundamental drivers such as the rise of organised real estate, growing threat perception and improving value proposition for the customers. These drivers would continue to propel the industry. The new-age electronic security market has moved much beyond traditional camera devices to include technologies such as sensors, biometrics, real-time connectivity, advanced processing software and analytics. With such a demand to meet, Infernocart is prepared to diversify and multiply their outreach and product portfolio. With 50 plus brands and 3000 plus products currently up its sleeve, Infernocart takes a promising a role to cater to this unravelled yet emerging market. "We are trying to venture out into the online market with Infernocart and promise to never compromise on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a competent price", concludes Karan Rai, Managing Director, Infernocart.