Leksa Lighting Technologies: Specialized Manufacturer Of Lighting Equipment Combining Innovation & Creativity

Ronald Silvan D'souza, Founder & Executive Director

Ronald Silvan D'souza

Founder & Executive Director

Electronics startups play a pivotal role in driving innovation across industries by harnessing cutting-edge technologies to create novel electronic devices and solutions. These startups operate in a dynamic landscape characterized by rapidly evolving trends and formidable challenges. In recent years, several prominent trends have emerged in the electronics startup ecosystem.

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has spurred startups to create interconnected devices that enhance convenience and efficiency in various aspects of daily life. Energy efficiency and sustainability are also paramount, prompting startups to focus on developing energy-efficient components and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Additionally, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become integral to electronics startups, enabling the creation of smart devices capable of adapting and learning from user behavior. However, amidst these trends, electronics startups face significant challenges. The ever-shortening product lifecycles require swift development and commercialization, putting pressure on startups to streamline their processes. Moreover, issues such as intellectual property protection, supply chain disruptions, and the high cost of research and development pose hurdles to market entry and growth.

Established in 2017, Leksa Lighting swiftly emerged as a leading solution provider for challenges within the electronics industry. Their strategic methodologies and unwavering commitment enable them to deftly navigate the breakneck pace of innovation, ensuring that their offerings remain at the forefront of the field.

Overcoming financial hurdles, Leksa employs judicious resource management and fiscal prudence, directing investments toward impactful research, development, and expansion endeavors. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in their practices, with a dedicated focus on eco-friendly solutions and responsible manufacturing processes.

“Our vision is to create an admirable organization in specialized lighting, working systematically with continuous improvement to give customers the most compelling lighting experience with satisfaction”, speaks Ronald Silvan D'Souza, Founder & Executive Director. Stringent protocols are in place to safeguard their intellectual property, preserving the innovative concepts and technology that set them apart.

Currently situated in a village, Leksa's factory employs a workforce of over 250+ individuals. Beyond generating job opportunities, the company takes up the noble cause of youth empowerment, creating a positive societal impact. Leksa's journey is a testament to its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and its contribution to the betterment of both the lighting industry and the community it serves.

Leksa Lighting encountered a series of challenges during its initial phase. The company faced a significant threat from Chinese competitors due to limited imports, although import duties provided a slight advantage. However, the main challenges lay within India, primarily related to the scarcity of semiconductors and the need for enhanced supply chain management due to infrastructure limitations.

A substantial portion of raw materials still needed to be imported from other countries to ensure better product quality. The specialized nature of their lighting segment posed another hurdle, as comprehensive knowledge was lacking in India, with only two universities in India offering high-end lighting training. Educating customers about their products, technology shift to LED concepts, and the intricacies of LED and sensor-based
technologies, and more, proved challenging, requiring walkthroughs, presentations, and extensive engagement efforts. Additionally, pricing posed difficulties as customers aspired for foreign brands, indicating a gap between the 'Make in India' concept and market perceptions. Despite these challenges, Leksa's commitment to innovation and social responsibility reflected in its name, has enabled them to successfully navigate these obstacles and establish itself as a notable player in the niche lighting industry.

Redefining Brilliance
The firm offers an extensive range of specialized lighting solutions that cater to a diverse array of sectors. Their expertise extends from historic and government buildings to large auditoriums and renowned television studios & fiction shoots in India. “In the realm of TV studios and film shoots, we deliver state-of-the-art LED fixtures like panel lights and Fresnel lights, boosting adjustable color temperatures, dimming capabilities, and high CRI, R9, and TLCI values”, shares Ronald Silvan D'Souza, Founder and Executive Director, Leksa Lighting Technologies. The uniqueness of their products lies in their utilization of high-end technology, differentiating them from typical lighting companies.

From humble beginnings to illuminating triumphs, Leksa Lighting has paved the way for brilliance in the world of professional lighting

They craft two types of lighting: one for general purposes, and another for intricate applications where light quality is meticulously measured using high-end cameras and specialized instruments. Notably, their lights are flicker-free, ensuring exceptional quality even at high frame rates. Their client base comprises significant players & high-end corporates, central and state government development corporations like Birla, Infosys, Reliance, Adani Group, Times Group, Ramoji Film City, AIIMS, IITs, IIMs, CPWD, PWD, Railways, NBCC, CIDCO, IDCO, Doordarshan and many more, where they provide custom-designed lighting solutions based on site specifications.

With a dedicated team that spans the nation, Leksa Lighting not only manufactures and installs lighting but also offers comprehensive service support. Starting from scratch without significant financial backing, Ronald Silvan's vision and expertise have propelled the company forward, amassing a workforce of over 250 employees and achieving international reach with projects across numerous countries. “We also cater to DJs/pubs, video conference lighting, stadiums, streets, floods, and high mast lighting, showcasing our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for diverse applications”, says Ronald Silvan.

Rise to Prominence
Leksa Lighting's team exemplifies visionary leadership and unwavering professionalism. Ronald Silvan emerged from a lower-middleclass background in Madanthyar, Dakshina Kannada, the company stands strong with a workforce of over 250 employees, firmly established as a key player in specialized lighting solutions. Ronald's journey, shaped by his experiences at HBL, Canara Lighting and Toyota Kirloskar Motor Company, where he imbibed Japanese expertise of working, has propelled Leksa Lighting into the spotlight. The company excels in lighting solutions for diverse domains including TV channels, film shoots, auditoriums, stadiums, and architectural facades, garnering recognition, awards, and a prestigious clientele under Ronald's leadership.

Serving prestigious corporations, Central and State Governments, and Development corporations, Leksa's approach is guided by Japanese management principles, instilling a sense of belongingness and teamwork among its dedicated staff. This collaborative approach, enriched with structured targets, KPIs, and performance reviews, underscores their dedication to excellence. As a harbinger of innovation, Leksa's team not only epitomizes professionalism but also contributes to knowledge dissemination, garnering interest from neighboring institutions and fortifying the future landscape of lighting technology.

Their journey is a testament to how dedication, strategic leadership, and commitment to advancement can steer a company toward a path of notable achievements and industry-wide influence. Ronald believes in the Japanese saying 'Monozukuri through Hitozukuri' Monozukuri means making of good Products, and Hitozukuri means making good people. Today Leksa Lighting has a wonderful Team of youths and makes good products and unmatched service in specialized lighting.

The firm's future roadmap is characterized by meticulous goal setting aimed at achieving remarkable year-on-year growth, surpassing 50 percent, capitalizing on India's burgeoning opportunities. While aspiring to establish a notable presence akin to industry behemoths like Havells or Philips in the realm of general lighting, the company's unwavering commitment remains fixed on specialized lighting, buoyed by their profound expertise. Evidencing their innovative prowess, the introduction of their Gentle Lighting series aptly exemplifies their infusion of knowledge into product development.

Leksa's ambitious plans encompass team expansion to encompass skilled individuals and the attainment of substantial turnovers. This aspirational drive is underpinned by a philanthropic endeavor to empower local youth, actively contributing to the nation's progress, and thereby generating a meaningful societal impact. Impressively, Leksa has notched several milestones across diverse sectors. Notable projects include intricate stage lighting installations at prestigious institutions and significant undertakings such as the Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre in Niger, a testament to their robust presence in the domains of TV studios and architectural lighting. Leksa Lighting's trajectory is marked not only by its visionary growth strategy but also by its impactful contributions to the community and the broader lighting industry.