Magnum Finvest Services: A One-Stop Financial Planning & Advisory Solution Provider

Sourabh Jain,  Founder

Sourabh Jain


A greater requirement for effective money management occurs as the income bracket in the nation experiences growth. Instead of having their hard earned money remain unused in their homes, where it provides them with no return, many prefer to invest it. When we need help making wise financial decisions, the financial services industry steps in to help. Many entrepreneurs are seizing this opportunity and establishing dynamic operations in the financial services market in response to the new market condition that is currently prevalent. These businesses are demonstrating their value in every area of the financial services market, from banking, professional counseling, and insurance to mutual fund investing, audit consulting, and the stock market.

Magnum Finvest Services was founded in 2016 to help people understand the importance of financial planning, why they should do it, how to go about doing it, and how it would aid them on their road toward goal based financial planning. The Firm has been recognised thrice by Economic Times as Volatility Coach of India and has been awarded twice by HR Sampark as most preferred Financial Wellness Partner for Corporates. When Sourabh Jain, the Founder of Magnum Finvest Services, published his book Financial Wellness Cinematics on financial wellness, things began to change. The book ended up being a best seller on Amazon. This book helped the firm to get in touch with many businesses and gave it a competitive advantage. Its vision and mission are to communicate with as many
salaried employees as possible using a variety of channels, educating them on the value of financial planning and how and why it is important to do so that each person achieves financial freedom.

Magnum initially concentrates on all of its clients' financial planning, then it creates a comprehensive financial plan before taking on any new clients to understand their income, expenses, liabilities, and financial goals. Based on these goals, the firm aligns a variety of financial products and makes product recommendations accordingly, whether it be for retirement or kid's education planning. The company offers more than just one type of product mutual funds, and has expanded into peer-to-peer lending platforms, equities, insurance, helping clients get their NPS off the ground, establishing an informed ITR filing, and more. And today,, which is both an app and website, is one of the all inclusive web portals where a person can manage all of his/her money on a single platform.

Magnum Finvest Services helps professionals to fast track their wealth creation journey & make hard earned money work for them to attain financial freedom & have worry free retirement

Through many corporations, Magnum conducts numerous webinars. At the moment, the company offers webinar services to approximately 50 major clients, including Reliance Jio, Titan, Dabur, Accenture, Kohler and Sodexo. The majority of Corporate insurance broking firms like Prudent and Marsh are working with Magnum, as their affiliate partners towards offering Financial Wellness solutions for their clients. Further, to empower women and help them in understanding the importance of financial planning, Magnum offers a customized Financial Wellness Challenge for women. Magnum is a personal financial planning firm and tends to offer holistic personal financial assistance to its clients. All financial services are embedded in this app and platform, which is likely the most distinctive feature and gives Magnum an advantage in terms of leveraging technology.

Magnum's seven-year journey has been significantly noteworthy. It began by serving five or ten families per month, and as of now, the firm is in charge of managing the personal finances of more than 700 households across India. The company is currently trying to partner with as many corporate as possible to hold employee engagement program sessions with employees and inform them about personal financial planning. “In preparation for future growth, we are considering and attempting to assemble a new team of a few CFAs under us, and we are already onboarding some MBAs and some CFAs so that they can take on the complete financial planning process with me”, concludes Sourabh Jain.