Mool Finance: Making Personal Finances Seamless & Accessible For All

Subhashree Mishra & Seemant Shrivastav, FoundersThe FinTech revolution, powered by advanced technology and innovative solutions, is reshaping financial services. India's burgeoning FinTech sector is driven by digitalization and user-friendly financial apps. Tax planning now emphasizes tax-efficient investments, with growing interest in ESG investing and robo-advisors. Personalized insurance and data analytics integration are becoming common while borrowing options diversify with peer-to- peer lending and decentralized finance platforms. India's FinTech landscape thrives on innovation and tech-savvy users, solidifying its global leadership in personal finance and tax planning. Within the financial sector, customers frequently encounter obstacles like deciphering intricate terminology, encountering undisclosed fees, and needing personalized guidance. These challenges impede informed financial decision-making, causing frustration and hindrance. Mool Finance, a dynamic SaaS solution provider, is revolutionizing personal finance and tax planning with tailored solutions for individuals, enterprises, and tax professionals. It seamlessly integrates personalized salary operations, tax planning, and investment services, ensuring compliance with evolving tax laws while maximizing financial potential through a blend of cutting-edge technology and human expertise.

Personalized Financial Management
Mool Finance had its inception in 2019 when its founders, Subhashree Mishra & Seemant Shrivastav, seasoned professionals in the corporate world, identified the need for a transformative solution in the complex taxation realm. Driven by frustration with the taxpayer-unfriendly environment, they embarked on the ambitious journey to create Mool Finance, fueled by innovation. Over time, Mool Finance achieved several significant milestones, including the launch of its Personalization Engine in 2021 and the introduction of Mool Vetan, a groundbreaking
enterprise solution. Winning the prestigious Chunauti 2.0 competition added both prestige and valuable investor support to the company. In 2023, Mool Jann, a B2C product, expanded its market reach by offering assisted ITR filing services for individual taxpayers. “Mool Finance's visionary approach is poised to reshape the financial landscape, providing efficient solutions for all”, says Subhashree Mishra.

Mool Finance is a pioneering fintech company offering innovative solutions for personalized financial management, tax planning and compliance optimization

Mool Finance offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to cater to diverse needs. Mool Jann provides individuals with tools for IT return filing, rent receipt generation, and tax regime comparison. In the corporate sphere, Mool Vetan serves as the flagship product, simplifying payroll management, compensation design, and compliance auditing. Additionally, Mool Lekhakaar caters to tax professionals, providing a seamless platform for efficient client management. "With these offerings, Mool Finance streamlines financial management, optimizing taxes and fostering financial growth for individuals, enterprises, and tax professionals alike”, adds Seemant Shrivastav.

Seemant Shrivastav, Founder

Mool Finance stands out exceptionally within the financial industry by championing the cause of salary personalization. This distinctive feature empowers individuals to finely tune their compensation structures, aligning them with their life stage and economic priorities. This unique capability allows users to optimize their take home pay, a significant advantage strategically. Moreover, Mool Finance takes a comprehensive approach by integrating all aspects of salary operations, tax planning, and investment management within a single, user-friendly platform. This integration streamlines financial management for both employees and employers, ensuring maximum economic efficiency throughout the process. Furthermore, the company is unwavering in its dedication to compliance and staying thoroughly informed about labor laws. This provides peace of mind, especially to enterprises that rely on Mool Finance's services for their financial management needs. Mool Finance's offering of holistic solutions addresses the complex financial needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Mool Finance's future roadmap includes expanding its offerings for individual customers, offering self-service tax filing, and providing comprehensive tax-saving tips. For enterprises, it plans to integrate with more HRMS solutions, and its API Sandbox will provide flexibility. Exciting user-centric features will also be introduced, further revolutionizing the financial landscape.