Abodetek: Making Homes Smarter

Ashish Rai, CEO & Head of Sales and Marketing,   Tarushri Rai & Shreyansh RaiA true entrepreneur is the one who has the vision to attain world class excellence by delivering value added products to customers. Here is the story of three entrepreneurs (Ashish Rai, Tarushri Rai & Shreyansh Rai founding partners of Abodetek) who worked toward the common goal of reaching every Indian household and letting them experience the home automation benefits. It all began in 2019, when Ashish discovered that the home automation space was not established enough as compared to other countries.

There were only few players who were offering their products and services in this domain within India. Cost of Implementation was very high and technical capabilities were very limited. This all attribution tagged, smart home automation costly, and tabooed it as a luxury. Lack of knowledge and awareness also played its required part and resulted into the classification of this domain in not affordable segment.

To remove this misconception, and revolutionize the home automation space in India, Abodetek was established. Abodetek® is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified & Start-Up Award 2021 winner, complete Smart Home Automation Company. The company is committed to design, develop and market high-end, cutting edge, user-friendly, intuitive, untroublesome and most importantly economical product to Indian consumers.

“We are encouraging people across India in this digital transformation and helping them in this journey from “sweet home” to “smart home” by providing quality products, unmatched service support and at very economical pricing. We are basically enlightening people's live by – Enlightening their Homes. This is our brand tagline also Abodetek- Enlightening Homes,” says Ashish, CEO & Head of Sales and Marketing.

Tarushri Rai, MD
Simple To Deploy Automation Products
Abodetek has a wide range of home automation products, which is called building blocks. These building blocks are easy to deploy and gives customer an added benefit of selecting the products as per their needs and budget. One of the best aspects of Abodetek is its price competitiveness. “Our products range starts from INR 650 to goes up to 4500 for a single SKU. Not only the price competitiveness which we are offering to our client but also the valuable service offering which is giving us edge & superb after sales experience to our esteemed clients,” explains Ashish.

The company’s strength lies in understanding their customers and make products for their all-home automation needs. The solutions are designed in a way, where customer can initiate the automation with one single point and as per his/her need and can add further anything at any point in time. This actually helps users to understand the technology and also help them in developing faith on Abodetek products.

The Ultimate Smart Products
When it comes to the various products that
Abodetek have, they have segregated their product range in two categories: 1.Control Automation, 2.Safety Automation.

Control Automation constitutes products that are useful in controlling all the home devices such as lights, light dimming, fan control, heavy appliance including geyser & air conditioner. The company has a wide range of products available in this range which includes.

1.Elara Series- These are touch controlled based WIFI based switch, and having all the automation capabilities including App based control(control from anywhere in the world), Scheduling, Scene Creation, & voice support with Alexa & Google Home.

SKUs including a. One Touch High Ampere 24 Amp- For heavy appliances. b. Two Touch 16 Amp Switch – Can Control 2 different devices. c. Fan Controller – Control On-Off & Fan Speed. d. Light Dimmer – Control light intensity or output. e. Four Touch – Single module can control 4 different switches. Color Options: Black & White

We are encouraging people across India in this digital transformation and helping them in this journey from “sweet home” to “smart home” by providing quality products, unmatched service support and at very economical pricing

2.Europa Series– These are Glass paneled touch switches with all the automation capabilities. Here the size is 2 module gang box size so can fit directly into the specific given wall electricity box. Additionally, these modules are WIFI based, having App based control (control from anywhere in the world), Scheduling, Scene Creation, & voice support with Alexa & Google Home. SKUs including a. One Touch Switch-Can control any single device. b.Two Touch Switch- Can control two different devices. c.Three Touch Switch Can control three different devices. Both of these series can carry high ampere loads, completely made of fire-retardant material & can operated even with wet hands as these are completely closed switch so no electricity leakage.These two series are fitted with state of art advanced microchip for better long term performance & very less energy consumption.

Shreyansh Rai, CTO
3.Insert Module– They also have options where customer can continue with the existing tick-tock switch and install these insert modules on switches back panel to automate the existing switch and can enjoy all the automation benefits.

Safety Automation has many products which are primarily used for safety & security of your homes. This includes multiple sensors such as PIR based & microwave based To detect any motion and activate connected devices, Smoke Sensors and many more.

Carving A Bright Future
One of the major reasons why Abodetek is becoming the go to store for home automation is because of its ease of use and end user experience. The company’s devices and modules are completely wireless with no or very minimum requirement of any structural changes like existing wiring diagram or additional cabling requirement. “They are currently focusing on three major technologies. 1. WIFI 2. Zigbee 3. Z-Wave, and for some product 433Mhz RF & Bluetooth.

These all three are wireless technology including RFF 433 & Bluetooth. So,considering wireless technology, the implementation is easy, accessible and customizable even to the end users. Apart from itsin-house product development, they also have tied-up with various world leading equipment & component manufactures for providing quality product at reasonable prices to its valued consumers. They are also developing & expanding the product range continuously & currently offering 42 unique SKUs to its customers.

Considering the response and overall market scenario, Abodetek is very enthusiastic to expand the business on multiple facets. They are working on multiple parameters. On one hand the company is trying to expand its offerings & services and on the other hand they are working to strengthening its overall capacity by appointing more field team and technical staff. “We are also expanding our foot prints to other countries starting with UAE and Bangladesh. We are also incorporating channel sales & service distributor across multiple locations in India,” states Ashish.

Abodetek is also working with multiple platforms to expand its online presence and reach. All-in-all,the company aims to be a trust worthy brand and be a household name for three things - product, cost & after sales service. So, the company’s plan is to focus more on these three parameters in the near future.