Seekruit HR Technologies: Smart And Seamless Recruitment Process Aggregator Technology

Sachin Kapoor,Co-Founder & CEO

Sachin Kapoor

Co-Founder & CEO

The COVID driven pandemic has drastically affected every industrial vertical with drastic changes in business operations and consumer behavior. With advancements in technology, it is evident that technology will play an extremely crucial role in the survivability, sustenance, evolution and growth of businesses. Thus, it has become imperative for businesses across industries to adopt Digital Transformation with utmost urgency. Speaking of which, one of the industries most affected by this disruption is evidently the manpower driven recruitment industry.

As we see a push towards reducing unnecessary movement of people and leveraging connected, remotely managed technologies and solutions, the usage of online assessment has been increased as part of the hiring process specially designed to cater the hiring needs across nations to quickly filter right candidates. Hence, New Delhi based Seekruit HR Technologies, is the first "aggregator" technology platform that aims at simplifying the hiring process while removing the current in-efficiencies plaguing the HR industry. Seekruit was established in 2017 by experienced and visionary Sachin Kapoor with a goal for finding and retaining skilled manpower through digital processing. The core purpose of establishing Seekruit has always been to remove the inefficiencies of the Recruitment process which Sachin Kapoor experience being in the recruitment industry for 18 years.

Perfectly understanding the current scenario, Seekruit HR Technologies is the only comprehensive platform that is offering a solution to all the stakeholders of the recruitment industry right from client, candidate, recruiters to assessors. By using technology to remotely assess the skills of the candidates based on the customised brief of each client, the company has made candidate selection more refined, offering semi-assessed candidates rather than a mere blind calling.

This tech platform also helps the talent acquisition team to stay connected with the candidates through the entire interview process. The software is fully backed by Artificial intelligence. Automated interviews happen on audio video platforms but can connect on a real time basis with the candidates as well.

Career Aggregator Technology Platform
As each stake-holder has their unique proposition to the process, Seekruit is India's first career aggregator technology platform, which connects employer, i.e., who are looking forward to recruiting the staff, and the candidate, i.e. who are looking out for a job. Furthermore, they offer a complete virtual recruitment solution which is integrated with every social media channel as nowadays social media has become a huge data bank and influencer offering companies to find the right talent that they want to bring for the right job role.

"At Seekruit, our mission is quite simple really. In fact, it is not different from what all companies aspire for ­ to be the best at what they do. Seekruit HR Technologies Private Limited wants to establish itself among the leading providers of HR and Recruitment Services in India. We aim to build rock-solid relationships with clients while delivering tailor made solutions and ensuring total satisfaction," high-lights Sachin Kapoor, CEO of the company.

"We thrive on a single-minded philosophy of "providing complete solutions to our patrons". We provide total and transparent service to our clients so that they incur cost, which is to their benefit. This in fact forms the basis of our existence. We are focused toward providing different solutions to your different hiring needs which make us different from traditional HR service providers," he adds.

Bringing in the Needed Expertise
The core strength of the company has always been the hands on information and the knowledge base consisting of people who are experts in the industry, which is further complemented by latest technology. This enables them to provide tailor made solutions to cater all recruitment needs. The company has been strongly working on data management with a strong big data team and use of artificial intelligence to provide a strong data-base of right fit and certified talent.

"Over the years we have developed our expertise in the following sectors and industries like BFSI, logistics, IT & ITES, media, e-commerce, manufacturing, automotive & other services sectors. We empathize with your struggle to on board the entry & middle level workforce at smaller locations, this is where our innovative
network across strategic locations will help you to solve the problem of Human Capital supply chain. We take pride to introduce ourselves as a pre-dominant provider of recruitment services in India," signifies Sachin.

Over the years, Seekruit has been serving diverse industries and also keeping a track of the short-term and long-term manpower needs in each to provide the perfect solutions. For the job-seekers like fresher's and experienced professionals, the company offers needed advisory and assistance to enable them in finding the right opportunity; aiding companies in recruiting highly qualified and experienced candidates with the desired skill-sets for particular positions and do not stop until the requirement is fulfilled.

Delivering End-To-End Assessment Tests On Hiring & Workforce Development
Digital CV-In India where the definition of a CV is Cut Paste, a unique service of Seekruit removes the traditional CV with DCV. Digital CVs aren't about to blow traditional resumes out the water, but they can help your job application stand out. A traditional CV outlines your skills, qualifications and experience, whereas a video CV enables an employer to get a feel for your personality. A video resume should show off your undefinable qualities and make an impression. It should convey the strengths you can't put on a resume. For instance, qualities such as warmth, clear communication, charisma, humour, and your off-the-cuff chatter.

This will enable demonstrating one's skills and experience to employers that goes beyond a simple run-down of your previous roles. In Digital CV one's employment history, skill and professional achievements along with your audio-video introduction in a form of QR code is included which brings all the in-formation of a candidate/employee into the account of an employer. Digital CV not only reduces wastage but also helps in the filtration in a unique manner therefore benefitting both employer and an active job seeker. This shows how Seekruit has made sure to revolutionise the traditional HR Industry through innovation and technology.

Brain behind the Company's Growth Bandwagon
Sachin is the Founder and CEO of Seekruit and a senior business leader with more than decades of experience, including experience in senior leadership roles within the world's largest professional recruitment firms. Over the course of his experience, he has interviewed thousands of job seekers and ad-vised numerous employers on their hiring strategies. He founded Seekruit to help people find jobs and employers hire talent quickly, conveniently and accurately. Sachin is a renowned Recruitment Specialist, Director of Seekruit HR Technologies Pvt Ltd, Director Astute Staffing Services Pvt Ltd and has 20+ years of combined experience in HR, recruitment and Sales Industry. As a HR professional all his learning seek new ways to solve old problems which enables to help make others better and help all stakeholders win.

Seekruit's AI based automated digital platform manages various services in the recruitment process like digital cv, skill assessment, skill development, job role assessment and placement

India's First Recruitment Process Aggregator Platform Connecting 6 Major Entities (Offering One Stop Solution)
Seekruit's aggregator business model has transformed HR industries decimating recruitment firms. It works on the same principles of some successful companies that is based on aggregator platform. If we look at the current Indian Market many aggregator (Online Companies) has given some steps to follow and become a successful Aggregator Platform. For example- Ola (drivers & passengers), Oyo (hotels & tourists), Zomato (restaurants & customers) and Swiggy (Restaurants, customers & Delivery boy)

Unlike the above mentioned companies Seekruit HR technologies Pvt. Ltd. Connects 6 major entities which is an innovative and path breaking aggregator platform. Following are the six major entities of Seekruit

Seekruit's AI based automated digital platform manages various services in the recruitment process like digital CV, skill assessment, skill development, job role assessment and placement. Seekruit's key offerings include Digital Employment Exchange (DEX), Marketing Employment Exchange (MARKEX), Tele-calling Employment Exchange (TELEX) and Regional Employment Exchange (REX).

As Digital Employment Ex-change is where all jobseekers will go to record their video interviews and digital CV's, Telex is a calling partner and a part of Seekruit's recruitment process. Telex Partner's team will reach out to the candidates looking for a job and conduct their first level telephonic profile screening. REX will have a team of Domain Expert Assessors who will assess the video interviews of candidates by following the predefined scoring pattern. "It is an AI Technology based business model with automated processes hence there would not be any operational hassles in the entire process. Markex Partner is a sales professional who has a good network of clients and who will be acquiring new clients for Seekruit in the assigned area or region," explains Sachin.

“In the near future, Seekruit will launch a virtual reality platform for more authentic and immersive experience during interviews”

A Dedicated Team and Future Prospects
As the pandemic transformation has led to more digital connectivity, the dependence on online resources and contact-less hiring has grown extensively, enabling Seekruit to leverage this dependency to expand their reach. Powered by a team of around 300 employees with more than 100 offices situated PAN India, Seekruit has a broad HR portfolio that includes elite search for top management, permanent hiring, temporary staffing, recruitment process outsourcing, apprentice management, payroll administration, and campus hiring. They are designed to cater to the mass hiring needs across all industries enabling employers to filter the right candidates. Seekruit desires to open over 3000 branches across India to make its platform accessible to candidates from all tiers and regions.

In the near future, Seekruit is said to launch a virtual reality platform for more authentic and immersive experience during interviews. Seekruit has plans to expand its portfolio with more such innovative solutions, allowing candidates to use technology to skill themselves and become key drivers of organizational growth. The ultimate aim is to provide services for finding and retaining skilled man-power through digital processing. When it comes to bulk hiring, hiring a bulk number is also possible with this platform because of the infinite scalability of software and no limit on its use. The process is driven intellectually by the human but assisted by the software at all locations with full automation. Hence not requiring any manpower to tackle the process with 24/7 operability.