Studio Square Design: Elegance Redefined by Architectural Visionaries

 Surbhi Rastogi & Saugato Bose,    ArchitectsThe interior design industry is marked by a dynamic blend of styles, emphasizing personalization and sustainability. Designers are integrating technology, notably 3D rendering, to create visualizations and cater to diverse client preferences. However, challenges persist, including intense market competition and need for educating clients about unbiased material and design choices. Studio Square Design Co., established by Ar. Surbhi Rastogi and Ar. Saugato Bose, is a multidisciplinary Architecture and Interior Design Studio located in Gurgaon. The studio excels in providing affordable and functional solutions, addressing busy professionals' unique challenges. With a commitment to promise transparency, a practical design approach, and diverse budget options, the studio has gained trust in an industry often plagued by complexity.

Studio Square Design Co. embarked on a journey to redefine Architecture and Interior Design and started to offer affordable and functional solutions. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by clients, particularly busy IT professionals, Studio Square simplifies the home design process, promising fixed timelines for project delivery. “Recognized as one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, our firm's meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach is what sets us apart. Through our practical design approach and a focus on transparency, we have earned trust while addressing industry challenges”, says Ar. Surbhi Rastogi.

Uniqueness & Innovations
A premier destination for top-notch Architecture and Interior Design services, Studio Square Design Co.'s studio excels in Residential Turnkey Interior Design, providing customized solutions across three budget segments: Standard, Mid-range, and
Premium. Backed by a skilled team, the studio integrates the latest 3D rendering software to enable clients to visualize designs before execution, ensuring precision and satisfaction. The company also introduced ‘Quick Kitchens & Quick Wardrobes’ turnkey solutions, gradually expanding to full-home interior projects. Its commitment to keeping an open style of work sets Studio Square apart, which is evident in its honest, no-nonsense approach to clients.

Studio Square Design Co.’s clients benefit from a collaborative process, creating personalized spaces that meet their unique lifestyle & operational needs

Studio Square Design Co.’s team of highly skilled architects, specializes in residential and commercial projects, delivering exceptional designs blending functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. “From room design to furniture selection and upholstery, the studio offers complete Interior Design services, ensuring a comprehensive transformation of homes. Clients benefit from a collaborative process, creating personalized spaces that meet their unique lifestyle and operational needs”, shares Ar. Saugato Bose.

The studio's success is well-reflected by its six year presence in the industry, marked by a positive work culture and numerous accolades. It prioritizes client trust, delivering on-budget solutions without compromising quality. The practical design philosophy emphasizes functionality and aesthetics, creating timeless spaces that resonate with contemporary living. The company's vision extends beyond residential interiors; it aims to systemize and enhance the furniture and accessories segment, reducing project delays. Studio Square Design Co. is recognized for its diverse portfolio, showcasing successful ventures in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, reinforcing its status as a versatile and trusted design partner in Gurgaon.

Studio Square Design Co. aspires to scale into the furniture and accessories segment, bringing further systemization and reducing delays in residential projects. This expansion aligns with the firm's commitment to delivering unparalleled design solutions. Additionally, the studio aspires to venture into the commercial and corporate interior industry, strategically moving towards diversification and continued excellence in the ever-evolving design landscape.