Squarefeet Studio: Crafting Exquisite Yet Functional Timeless Designs

Upasana Marodia,Founder & Principal Designer

Upasana Marodia

Founder & Principal Designer

What does an Eames lounge chair, the Little Black Dress, a CocaCola bottle and Ludwig Van Beeth oven have in common? They are all timeless classics. Having endured the passage of time, each of the afore mentioned phenomenon are as relevant and revered today as they were at the time of their origin. The allure of anything classic trumps trendy designs any given day. Interior designer, Upasana Marodia also believes the same and hence endeavors to create spaces that focus more on timeless designs rather than chasing fads.

Founded in 2019, Squarefeet Studio specializes in working on residential as well as commercial spaces and has so far designed a plethora of homes, offices and retail spaces. “As an upcoming studio, we want to be known for designs that stand the test of time, while being sensitive to the environment,” explains Upasana. The young firm strives to achieve something new with every project and in the process it produces designs that imbue a unique identity to their clients as well.

With a keen focus on prioritizing clients and their requirements, Squarefeet Studio’s design team which is dominated by women members is gradually gaining a strong reputation for its elegant designs and

efficient services in the industry.

Journey to Understanding the Market
Upasana, who is the backbone of Squarefeet Studio was always keen to pursue a creative field. While interning in Singapore after completing her higher studies she observed the difference in process between how people work there versus how things are done in India. Upasana then moved back to the country and worked with a few well known designers in Kolkata. However, her desire to be more involved in the creative process motivated her to establish Squarefeet Studio and there has been no looking back since.

Squarefeet studio keeps its clients at the very center of its work and handholds them at every stage of the project, right from the conception to the execution

Squarefeet Studio believes that smart and flexible interiors are the only way forward. The company is thus focused on leveraging technology to create comfortable design spaces for home owners.

Delivering on the Promise
Squarefeet Studio keeps its clients at the very center of its work and handholds them at every stage of the project, right from the conception to the execution. The design process is initiated with a site study, following which a list of client requirements is created. The team also studies how a client uses their space. The team then moves on to create 2D layouts and 3D views which helps to get a more accurate understanding of the space.

The Squarefeet Studio team also emphasizes on the different materials and finishes to be used. They conduct an indepth study with regards to sourcing the right furniture and fixtures for clients. “Our clients are everything for us. I believe good communication plays big role here. We ensure our clients are kept in loop with the plans and progress of the work happening,” adds Upasana.

Market Growth Potential
According to a report by Blue Weave Consulting, the Indian interior design market was worth $23.2 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $38.2 Billion by 2027. This growth trend is being fuelled by urbanization and lifestyle changes that the Indian population is undergoing. Further spurred on by the pandemic, people now want to live in better designed spaces and their willingness to spend on interiors is also accelerating.

Squarefeet Studio intends to build on this massive growth momentum with a strong focus on the Kolkata market. Going forward, the company will also double down on its digitization efforts to keep pace with the changing times.