Shipclues: Navigating Through Shipping Challenges In India's E-Commerce Space

Sanjay Arora, Co-Founder & CEO

Sanjay Arora

Co-Founder & CEO

The Indian e-Commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest e-Commerce market in the world by 2034. As e-Commerce businesses continue to compete for more, and with buyer expectations increasing, fast and cost-effective shipping is a deciding factor in conversions within the shopping cart experience. Set-up with the idea that the shipping experience should be part of the brand’s identity of e-Commerce Sellers, and they should be using shipping as a lever to grow their business instead of thinking about it as an overhead item, Shipclues is a reliable brand that has its services oriented towards solving the pain points of each e-Commerce Seller. The organization firmly believes that by managing an effective shipping process, e-Commerce Sellers can reach out to more customers and generate additional revenue, hence they have designed a software that makes your shipping experience more efficient, easy, and hassle-free.

As one of India's fastest-growing shipping aggregator, Shipclues offers cost-effective, quick and hassle-free shipping solutions with pan India reach and reliable customer support. “We bring together all leading courier companies in India and give options to e-Commerce Sellers to pick the best, both in terms of delivery time and cost for shipment, after comparing the offerings from each one of them on a single platform. We have designed software that makes the shipping experience more efficient and smooth, backed up with relevant analytics for e-Commerce Sellers, and bridges the gap of inconsistencies in providing transparent information to help make business decisions. It supports our customers in building effective e-Commerce shipping strategies suitable for their business and can continuously optimize and save at every stage of their D2C business model of e-Commerce Sellers, resulting in fewer chances of abandonment of shopping carts”, shares Sanjay Arora, Co-Founder & CEO, Shipclues.

Inception Story
Most of the business success stories starts with pain points. Though Shipclues started its operations in early 2022, however, the inception of Shipclues took place on a rainy afternoon, in September 2021, when three friends met to discuss life and work. “A casual conversation about how e-Commerce industry is booming in India, what future withholds for Indian startups and what are the challenges faced by e-Commerce business owners with delivery partners, a series of such brainstorming sessions followed up over next few quarters until the time myself, and my dear friends, now business partners as, Kaushal Sharma & Lalit Manuja, realized we were too far into the idea of being a shipping aggregator than just being talking about it”, says Sanjay Arora.

However, it was in Feb 2022, that took up Shipclues as a business venture and after a thorough business analysis, within three months, the founders were ready with the beta version software and that's when we
began to reach out to budding e-Commerce Sellers. “Taking note of an excellent response from the market, we started onboarding customers and generated revenue in June 2022. While there were some hickups at the beginning of the rising expectations of our customers, it only motivated us to invest in customer service and software tools. We never looked back and kept on improving our technology and setting up all the processes of operations and sales, especially the back-end support team. Achieving month-on month, quarter-on-quarter revenue growth is surely a success but most importantly we gained trust from our customers and our churn rate is much lower than the industry standard of nearly 18 percent for the Shipping Aggregator industry. In a short time, we are now recognized as the fastest growing Shipping Aggregator in India”, briefs Sanjay Arora.

A SaaS-based, technology driven shipping aggregator ShipClues helps e-Commerce Sellers save valuable time and bring down the cost of shipments

Headquartered in Faridabad, Shipclues is backed by a professional team of promoters, associates, and employees. While the firm is not a market leader in business volume, however, it is growing faster than the competition. The significant growth criteria of the firm are its unique offer of a dedicated key account manager to each e-Commerce Seller and access to the back-end team of operations managers, and this is what differentiates Shipclues from competitors because this is the biggest pain points for any e-Commerce Sellers.

Leveraging Technology to Meet Objectives
A SaaS-based, technology driven shipping aggregator Shipclues helps e-Commerce Sellers save valuable time and bring down the cost of shipments. As a 3rd party logistics providers, the firm is known to offer service which includes a cost effective shipping solution with reliable customer support to the sellers' need to deliver the product to the consumer. What sets Shipclues is apart from the big players in the market, is that, the firmcaters to all business size, no matter what their business volumes are. All their clients have dedicate Key Account Managers (KAM) and access to 24/7 CRM support.

Throwing more light on the USPs of the firm, Kaushal Sharma, Co-Founder & COO says, “Shipclues gives you access to multiple courier companies, with 27,000+ serviceable pin codes, Transparent weight management system to avoid disputes, Realtime tracking on the dashboard, 24x7 CRM assistance, Saves time in managing bulk orders with an intelligent courier mechanism, Statistical reports and analysis of sales, revenue, product, customer, region, preference, performance and many more with graphical representation, Fast COD remittance and Eliminating unjustified NDR remarks and minimize RTOs".

Marching Ahead with Customer Centric Visions
Shipclues helps e-Commerce Sellers build effective eCommerce shipping strategies, and continuously optimize and save at every stage of the D2C business model of online sellers, resulting in fewer chances of abandonment of shopping carts. “Our operations team is proactively working on improving the returnto-origin (RTO) percentage, and the customer service team is always available to address any queries regarding first-mile pick-ups and last-mile deliveries which improves our delivery percentage to ~ 98 percent as against the industry standard of 87 percent”, says Sanjay Arora “We also have plans in place to increase our portfolio, especially in the warehousing segment, which is extended support to our existing customers as well as will strengthen our product and services offer to reach out to new customers. “The biggest need of e-Commerce Sellers is the support expectations from their shipment service provider when they need it most, and we at Shipclues are just one call away to serve all our customers, which makes our offer unique. In most instances, our AI-based software tool helps them proactively in terms of reports, dashboard analytics, and successful deliveries, and we are continuously investing in improving the same”, signs off Sanjay Arora.

Shipclues was founded on the idea that you should be using shipping to grow your business, instead of thinking about it as an overhead item or as a headache. With all the processes and systems in place, Shipclues sees a positive outlook for FY23 and it is committed to serving better to e-Commerce and Online Sellers.