Modernalgos: Simplified Retail Algo Trading Platform

Sanjay Kumar Baid, Founder & CEO

Sanjay Kumar Baid

Founder & CEO

According to Fortune Business Insights, the Global Online Trading Platform Market Size is projected to reach USD 12.16 billion by the end of the forecast period in the year 2028, at a CAGR of 5.1 percent. During the forecast period, factors like the rise in artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of Robo advisory, the need for market surveillance, the rise in end user demand for customized trading platforms, the demand for cloud based solutions, and the ongoing technological advancements, are anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities for market growth for key players in the online trading platform industry.

"Gone are the days when traders were required to constantly monitor the screen during market hours"

Established in 2021, Modern Algos aims to offer investment solutions and address the difficulties encountered by clients during trading and investing in the stock market. With a decade plus experience, Sanjay Kumar Baid interacted with Retail Clients and Market Participants at large and got to know about the numerous challenges that investors and traders encounter when navigating the stock market and trading. His desire to find solutions to these issues resulted in the establishment of Modern Algos. After observing the trading and investing habits of the Retail and HNI segments, which lack an appropriate technology driven research system, Sanjay Baid promoted Modern Algos intending to develop a reliable technology driven research system.

“We provide a range of investment options, including equities and mutual funds, for all types of investors, including those who are new to the stock market and have never invested in stocks before. These are not only arbitrary recommendations rather they are stock and mutual fund solutions that have undergone extensive investigation and analysis before being presented to the clients in the form of baskets”, speaks Sanjay Kumar Baid, Founder, Modern Algos. Modern Algos caters to both Beginners and Advanced Traders.

Enabling Retail Users to Adapt Algo Trading Using Simplified Automation Tools
Modern Algos is involved in the development of various trading models and strategies, led by qualified professionals with years of experience in developing trading tools and methods. These strategies/models are developed for investment and trading setup by combining robust quantitative and technical analytics with algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, as well as an efficient order management system. Before
implementing any strategy for the final client, they are thoroughly developed through simulations, live testing, and back testing to ensure their effectiveness.

“We simplify things by offering condition based automation, which assists to specify clients’ needs and everything beforehand and then allows the system to execute trades on their behalf. Customers can specify every detail, for eg if the Market moves up by 100 points and defined conditions are met then the system will handle them automatically for you”, says Sanjay. Being a new entrant in the market, Modern Algos has been well received by India's top brokers, which is a remarkable accomplishment for the firm. The company's vision is to "Create a robust technology based research system to enable ease of trading and investing decision making."

Modern Algos is advancing the Future of Trading in India by offering solutions driven by automated systems rather than humans, eliminating the possibility of greed and emotions

Modern Algos is a product focused company that strives to meet retail participants' needs and solve their problems with the assistance of a skilled team of professionals with years of experience in technology, development, business analytics, and business development. “Even though there are several businesses that offer trading and investment solutions, it can be difficult to find a single platform that satisfies all of your trading and investment needs. In India, Modern Algos is the sole platform with all compliances. Unlike other players, we do not intend to be a segment specific platform rather, we intend to be a one stop solution for retail investors, retail traders, and retail algo users, providing trading and investing related information on a single platform. Our unique selling point is that we manage all of these features under a single umbrella”, speaks Sanjay. Sanjay Baid's leadership style is user-centric, so the team strives to meet clients' needs as market demands and trends change. The firm believes in putting a powerful technology based research system at any client's fingertips which will make it easier for them to decide whether and when to trade or invest and then follow through on those decisions.

Modern Algos platform is advancing the Future of Trading in India by offering solutions driven by automated systems rather than humans, eliminating the possibility of greed and emotions. “We base every decision we make on the requirements and convenience of our clients. By taking complex procedures and simplifying them, we want our customers to be fully informed about everything pertaining to their investments. The platform is designed to meet the needs of beginners as well as advanced options traders and advanced options traders with ease. With our advanced auto trading features, users can automate their trades on the defined conditions", speaks Sanjay. Offering various readily made Equity and Mutual Fund Baskets sets the company apart from its competitors since it provides one stop solutions for trading and investing needs while ensuring that customers’ investments will be well diversified and secured. Investors can use Modern Algos' inhouse intelligence systems and advanced algorithm filters to efficiently build and manage their portfolios, while traders and option strategists can use advanced auto trading functions to ensure robust analysis and execution of strategies.

Modern Algos is striving to create a trusted financial ecosystem for investors and traders by offering products that are used daily across the Indian capital markets landscape to provide delightful customer experiences and “Revolutionize the way India trades”. “We have undergone significant development and advancement in terms of product excellence and organizational growth over time, thanks to the valuable feedback provided by our customers. Initially, we primarily focused on equity investment, but now our platform is more inclined towards Algo trading. Also no other platform in the Indian market is as comprehensive, regulated by SEBI, and consistent with all regulations as Modern Algos is. We are hopeful that this uniqueness would enable us to become the market leader in the future”, signs off Sanjay. The firm is registered in the category of research analyst under the SEBI Regn No: INH 200009935.