Avarta Jewellery: Jewellery Brand With Focus On Customer Satisfaction

Aakash Vijay,FounderIndia’s love for jewellery is immeasurable. However, experts peg the scope of growth of India’s online jewellery market at a whopping $3 billion in the next three years. Aspiring to become a leading player in the said industry is Jaipur based, Avarta Jewellery, a manufacturer and retailer of silver, gold and diamond ornaments ranging from minimal to complex designs.

Founded by Aakash Vijay in 2017, Avarta Jewellery is known for its expansive collection of studs, pendants and bangles along with a large selection of customizable jewellery. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, the company provides an exclusive range of reasonably priced and high quality jewellery for all age groups including working woman and homemakers.

Reaching out to customers through its own website and various other leading platforms, along with providing customers with a plethora of payment options, Avarta Jewellery has gained 200 percent growth year on year since last two years. The company has also established a global presence with listings on and (UAE). Avarta Jewellery envisions becoming one of the top online jewellery retailers in India with an aim to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Ensuring customer satisfaction
Avarta Jewellery’s top priority has been to create better customer company relation. “We believe that every customer must be satisfied with the jewellery they buy. They mustn’t feel like even a single penny of theirs has been wasted,” explains Aakash. To
facilitate the same Avarta Jewellery provides the best quality products. The organization is committed to better customer services through faster delivery (all silver order delivered within 3-5 working days; next day delivery in Metro cities) and easy returns policy. Consumers can also opt from varied payment options through secure channels like UPI, Razorpay etc. and also cash on delivery. To make jewellery affordable, installment payment facility is also provided.

Going forward avarta jewellery intends to add more products such as mangalsutra, kid’s jewellery, head jewellery, men’s accessories and sunglasses to its portfolio

Path from Onset to Success
The brains behind Avarta Jewellery’s success is founder & chairman, Aakash. Hailing from a traditional business family, Aakash is a software developer and digital market expert by experience; he initially faced resistance upon floating the idea to begin a digital business. In spite of facing challenges such as arranging funds, finalizing product line etc, he succeeded in creating a successful company by leveraging his domainexpertise in IT and Digital Marketing. “Finding the right people to create the products was another challenge.We thus took the ‘outsourcing’route; everything from designing to final product making is outsourced which helped us tremendously,” narrates Aakash. His vision about creating a website helped in managing products and aided the team to deliver results quickly.

Going forward Avarta Jewellery intends to add more products such asmangalsutra, kid’s jewellery, head jewellery, men’s accessories and sunglasses to its portfolio. Keeping its focus on bettering customer experience, the company plans to increase its product line to 1000+ products by mid 2022.Over the next six months, Avarta Jewellery will begin shipping to the US and Canada as well.

Aakash is also gearing up to diversify the company’s expertise and is developing Resort Property and looking to foray into digital marketing & website development, food industry or cloud kitchen.