Odyssey Cosmetics: Natural Products for Healthy Hair and Skin

Harshad Adate,  Director

Harshad Adate


“Although many skincare and haircare products deliver instant results, most of these products contain chemicals that adversely affect the health and overall wellbeing of users,” begins Harshad Adate, while narrating the inception story of Odyssey Cosmetics, a Mumbai-based cosmetics manufacturing company. “We wanted to create effective products with a natural base that would also help protect the health and beauty of users in the long run. Hence, seeing enough space in the market for natural skincare and hair care products, we launched our company in 2020.”

Odyssey’s core philosophy revolves around the holistic health of users through naturally-effective products that deliver tangible results. Each of Odyssey’s expertly formulated products is close to nature, uses the least amount of chemicals, and has a minimal impact on the environment. The company offers henna-based and herbal based “Safe 2 Shine” hair colours natural black, coffee brown, burgundy, and cherry red. Odyssey’s Henna-based hair colours contain no trace of ammonia, thus preventing hair from damage and helping retain its amino acid balance. Herbal-based hair colours are Odyssey’s premium hair colour offering containing herbal extracts, biotin, and antioxidants that provide a long-lasting nourishment to hair.

Motto: Beauty from the Power of Nature
Odyssey’s formulations contain unique combinations of plant extracts and essential oils to create the most effective, natural products. “We carefully select and distill the purest and highquality ingredients from nature and use them at their optimal levels to create products that work in harmony for healthy hair and skin. We strive to help users
look and feel their best every day by offering natural products for healthy hair, beautiful skin, and a renewed sense of inner calm,” explains Adate, Director at Odyssey. Besides focusing on providing natural solutions for hair and skin problems, Odyssey strongly emphasises affordable pricing of products in its quest to break the notion that the better a cosmetic product, the higher its price.

We wanted to create effective products with a natural base that would also help protect the health and beauty of users in the long run

The R&D team at Odyssey is now working on creating a range of personal care products while continually looking to reduce the time required to develop, stabilise, and establish a product to make it available to the customers. At the same time, the team ensures that the entire process, from conceptualization to formulation, abides by Odysseys’ core ideology of nature’s care. “We constantly review our ingredients, manufacturing, and packaging with the help of industry experts to make evidence-based, environment friendly business decisions,” highlights Harshad.

Growth-Oriented Company
Beyond its sustainability pledge, Odyssey benefits from the mentorship of its 40-year-old parent company, Odyssey Organics. The 50-member team at Odyssey Cosmetics combines youth and experience, enthusiasm and business skills, and technical expertise and marketing intelligence. Despite launching its first product during the COVID-19 pandemic, Odyssey has registered sustainable growth – a testament to its proficiency and customer service. Today, Odyssey sells hair care products in PAN India through a network of stockists and super stockists. These products have been receiving a positive feed from customers across the country.

Being a growth-oriented company, Odyssey strives for continuous improvement. Besides expanding its range of hair care products, the company plans to step into the skincare space. “While R&D efforts for the same are already in progress, we are also setting up a new manufacturing plant which will start operations shortly. As we continue to create innovative nature-based products, I am confident, by 2025, Odyssey will find a place among the top players in the personal care market,” concludes Harshad.