Slnko Energy: Taking A Holistic Approach To Address All Solar Project Needs

 Pradeep Kankarwal,    DirectorIn the rapidly growing solar industry of India, the process of building a solar power plant comes with its own set of challenges. From engineering complexities to supply chain processes, the solar power plant developers traverse through a tough phase. Designing a solar power plant is another critical stage of the project which requires a lot of technical expertise. The need to uphold consistent quality standards across a diverse spectrum of suppliers and manufacturers becomes a puzzle to solve, impacting not just immediate project performance but the very longevity of solar endeavors. Furthermore, the volatility in raw material prices and the global market's dynamic pulse hinders the cost-effectiveness of procurement, shrouding budgets in uncertainty.

In the midst of these challenges, Slnko emerges as a dynamic solution provider within the Indian solar industry that addresses these challenges head-on.

Slnko operates as a PMC and EPCM company, specializing in Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Procurement Services. It offers project management & EPCM solutions to a range of EPCs and solar developers. The company was established in 2018 and commenced operations in March
2020. Their evolution began with a focus on engineering services, but they recognized the market potential for procurement & SCM services. This led them to transform into a platform, connecting a diverse pool of vendors or manufacturers. This strategy has enabled them to offer competitive pricing and high-quality services. Today, Slnko has become a onestop platform providing end to end solutions to Solar Developers, EPCs & Installers. It has successfully procured & delivered materials exceeding a value of 150 crores in the previous financial year.

Slnko’s quality assurance process encompasses inspection, testing, & other facets emblematic of pure engineering practice

The foundation of Slnko’s procurement process lies in its engineering prowess. The company is backed by an in-house team of skilled engineers adept in both design and testing. Consequently, every material procured through Slnko comes with a seal of trust, assuring clients that the acquired components are not only of high quality but have also undergone rigorous engineering scrutiny. Unlike some of its competitors who function as trading entities, Slnko approach to procurement is distinct. It goes beyond mere transactions instead, it involves sourcing equipment supported by quality assurance. “Our quality assurance process encompasses inspection, testing, and other facets emblematic of pure engineering practice", states Pradeep Kankarwal, Director at Slnko Energy.

An important aspect worth highlighting is their dedicated adherence to a one-sided revenue model. They uphold the principle of not imposing fees on vendors or manufacturers instead, their revenue solely stems from their valued clients. This approach nurtures a sense of trust within their clientele, as it assures them that no hidden charges or undisclosed transactions occur between Slnko and manufacturers.

Slnko’s achievement rests in its unwavering capability to double their turn over every year. The passing years have show cased a stead fast advancement marked by this remarkable growth rate.

The company’s goal is to become India's largest procurement company within the solar sector by 2025. On a global scale, they aspire to achieve this status by 2030.