My Social Media Marketing: Empowering Brands To Reach The Highest Prospect On The Online Platfrom

Mayuresh Shivade & Yashna Dave,Co-FoundersRapid digitization in recent years, owing firstly to rapid improvements in internet technology and more lately the worldwide pandemic, has re-shaped our choices moving forward. The year 2021 brought about a slew of changes in our professional lives. Zoom has become our primary meeting space, and webinars are now a regular occurrence. The most significant change though was how social media became the go-to platform for learning, finding new job opportunities, and growing our brands. It only goes to illustrate how important social media marketing is. This led many marketing professionals to refocus on their social media marketing strategy. Social media allows marketers to connect and engage potential customers where they are at LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. With a strong social media strategy and the ability to create engaging content, marketers can engage their audience. Social media will continue to be an important strategy in 2022, and companies can always find ways to advance their approach.

“We always encourage our team to look at things from the perspective of the client, as if it was their own brand that was being managed by our firm”

My Social Media Marketing is one such full fledged digital marketing agency that provides brands with solutions in all aspects of the digital realm. My Social Media Marketing was founded by Mayuresh Shivade and Yashna Dave, who were both working as freelancers in their respective fields, with Yashna specializing in graphic design & marketing and Mayuresh in social media and business management. The founding members met through a common friend, who became their first client, and subsequently gained more clients by word of mouth. They dealt with clients as freelancers working individually during the first couple years and were dealing with close to 12 different brands on their own. Soon, they realized how their professional bond elevates things to the next level, so they formed a team and established My Social Media Marketing.

My Social Media Marketing provides services for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Google ads. However, the firm is notably well-known for its expertise on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where it can interact with the communities it has developed for its customers. The company is convinced that creating a brand with a community tied to it for the sharing of its content is more important than simply sharing a story or a post. "We believe that each business has its own target audience, which then develops into its own community, and that's the very reason why we specialize mostly in Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn”, signifies Yashna.

My Social Media Marketing enjoys working with brands that require a boost and finds satisfaction in their progress. Rather than dealing with well-established big companies, it focuses on encouraging and supporting emerging and smaller brands. It has always been a collaborative effort for the firm, in which it strives to encourage and work with brands that are in need of expansion. For instance, in 2018, an interior design firm in Bangalore began working with My Social Media Marketing. And over the course of three years, the interior design firm has grown by leaps and bounds. They've grown from being just an interior designer with 5000 odd followers to a blue tick verified account, with their own experience center and a second showroom on the way. My Social Media Marketing transitioned them from the mechanical aspect of interior design to the emotional side of a brand that makes a house into a home.
“We always encourage our team to look at things from the perspective of the client, as if it was their own brand that was being managed by our firm. How would they like to be treated if an issue arose? Determine this and treat our existing clients in the same manner so that everyone is on the same page. As a result, they've been trained to handle every circumstance in that manner”, signifies Mayuresh.

Adopting Distinctive Approach & Innovative Strategies
When a potential client approaches the firm, it takes a lot of time and effort to figure-out why they want to be on social media, since, according to Yashna, the how and what are simple to figure-out, but figuring-out why any brand wants to be on social media is crucial. The firm strategizes properly once they are fully aware of their objectives in plain sight and then the entire team communicates with the client via a WhatsApp group or a Slack channel for continuous communication. Every time a client raises a concern, the firm responds within the hour and does not leave them hanging for days. And since social media is such a fast-paced environment, the firm operates on a two-week cycle, as opposed to the month-long cycle used by other agencies. Every two weeks, the creative director, account manager, designers, and others meet with the client-side to determine the emphasis area for the next two weeks.

Yashna Dave, Co-Founder

My Social Media Marketing ensures to stay aligned with the changing market dynamics and is adapting to the new changing requirements. Initially, the firm only handled content curation, where a client would bring-in photographs and videos, and the firm would try to make the most out of it. However, in the second half of 2021, the firm stepped into content creation and has a proficient team of photographers, video graphers and editors that collaborate closely with the brand and works on the content that needs to be created. Further, everything has become quite dynamic, with reels being touted on social media and customers require a certain amount of push to adjust to the new changes. Thus, the firm always tries to convince the clients to come and be the face of the brand, because ultimately, it's their brand. All in all, the firm never stops educating and encouraging clients to try new things.

Every time a client raises a concern, the firm responds within the hour and does not leave them hanging for days. And since social media is such a fast paced environment, the firm operates on a two-week cycle

Significantly, My Social Media Marketing is very transparent about its initial timeline of the first three months, wherein both the customer and the firm learn about each other. Since the company seeks to develop a long-term relationship, the first three months are where disagreements occur while attempting to comprehend each other's philosophies, which is absolutely necessary before moving-on to a smoother process. The first month signifies brand awareness, the second month engagement and the third month is where the conversion happens. “We don't pick up any client randomly that comes our way. Instead, we put our foot down by saying no to our clients because we don't believe in half-assessing the task. If everything goes well on both ends, we'll add them to the roster if there is room, which is limited to 50 brands. We don't believe in taking-on a large amount of work simply to fall short of their expectations”, signifies Mayuresh.

A Noteworthy Journey
My Social Media Marketing is a completely bootstrapped company by two seasoned professionals who decided to help brands scale their business using their existing marketing expertise. Since then, the firm has grown multifold and carved a niche for itself in the market. The firm has grown from handling five brands to today 45 brands backed with a proficient team of 17 individuals that is built on trust. The team of professionals works together on a daily basis from across the nation. And as it forges ahead, the firm is looking to fill up the rosters with clients that need Social Media Marketing. Further, the core focus area for the firm is going to be on strengthening the content creation side of things, since that's where the new demand is rising. “As people realize that they want to become online and digital, they fail to understand the importance of good content creation, photography, videography, podcasts, and community management. All of these have to come back into action now, and that's where we are going to play our cards right in order for the brands to attain their full potential,” concludes Yashna.