Avanta Infotech: Building For The Future

Ashan Malalasekara, Chairman, Irishad Ally, Managing Director,Damitha Kariyawasam, Chiel Executive Officer

Ashan Malalasekara, Chairman, Irishad Ally, Managing Director

Damitha Kariyawasam, Chiel Executive Officer

Sri Lanka’s telecommunication industry has been recognised as one of the most open and competitive among developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. With the country greatly improving its ranking on international benchmarks for network readiness, ICT development, and ease of doing business, the Sri Lankan government has attached great focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and ICT innovations. Technological developments and competition oriented reform policies are pushing the telecommunications market towards fundamental and rapid changes. Upon identifying a requirement for highly specialised skill set to support the telecommunication service providers and as there is a niche market created for such service provisions, Avanta was Founded in 2019 with the involvement of professionals capable of delivering such requirements and easing out the burden of the telecos having to develop such resources inhouse.

Damitha Kariyawasam, the CEO of Avanta states that “If you consider the telecom engineering and service provision market, it has a revenue potential of at least 300 to 500 million rupees annually. Considering the ever expanding network and coverage improvement these revenue streams have a potential for exponential growth. In addition, as the technology evolves, there will be further service requirements. As we deploy experts in these areas who are industry veterans and our use state of the art technology, we are fast becoming a sought after service providers for the all telcos in Sri Lanka”.

Specialised Engineers And Specialists:
What Avanta brings on to the table is primarily highly experienced staff with specialised skillsets. Avanta is confident of its capability of providing customer satisfaction through precision project management capabilities and thereby assuaring competitive project pricing and time management to ensure timely delivery
on every project undertaking. Avanta is focused on efficient project reporting and having adequate transparency of how projects are handled. Avanta is also constantly investing on innovation and growth of both technology and its human resource.

In addition to its service provision are, avanta is involved in replanning, project implementation, project supplies and representing very specific products related to 4g and 5g by recognised manufacturers to introduce the same to local telcos and for sourcing

In addition to its service provision are, Avanta is involved in replanning, project implementation, project supplies and representing very specific products related to 4G and 5G by recognised manufacturers to introduce the same to local telcos and for sourcing. Also, Avanta has expertise in carrying out network audits and overall complete technical solutions.

Among the telcos in the country, there are 4 leading telcos of which 2 are also fixed line providers. The major development areas as far as the telcos are concerned is fibre expansions and encrypted online messaging platforms. Avanta is geared to engage and provide engineering and related services in both these areas as Avanta represents and works with multiple product and technology providersIn the fibre installation side of things ans also has a business vertical that works and integrates WhatsApp with businesses. Avanta is currently pusuing these solutions with telcos relating to these software needs. “When a projects of this nature is announced by a clients, we make sure to do detailed planning after which it strategizes in terms of solutions whilst strategizing in terms of use of material because sometimes that can vary from product to product or solution to solution and that we believe in getting the perfect solution going beyond their expectations,” says Damitha.

The Roadmap Ahead With An Inhouse Team Of Experts:
During the first 6-8 months of its formation, the main focus of Avanta was to identify and pitch for solution requirements that were required to penetrate this market and to showcase the capabilities of Avanta value add and Innovation of the total solution. The next was, to develop the organization to work with other partners and to give confidence to our customers this is a must at this time of pandemic and fast responses expected by telcos. During the pandemic, we grew by working with freelance Contractors and expanding our service portfolio in to areas which some of the establish players were not able to respond. Such strategies ensued continued and sustainable revenue inflows to the company. As far as the growth is considered I believe that the telecom industry will now move into delivering faster connection like 5G in the country. With the recent approval of number portability, it gives greater flexibility for end users as they don’t need to stick to one service provider, that telcos will now have to compete on service aspects and value additions to secure loyalty and continued engagement with any single user,” says Damitha. it is expected the growth of the industry to be phenomenal as seen from the recent trends and Avanta will surely capitalise on these developments in the coming years and ensure success through quality product and service delivery and innovate to stay a head of the game.