STRATA: BridgingThe Gap Between Investors & Opportunities In Real Estate

Sudarshan Lodha ,Co-Founder & CEO

Sudarshan Lodha

Co-Founder & CEO

The entire real estate landscape has experienced major changes with an increasing number of investors, indulging to leverage opportunities to channelize their pool of savings towards the best possible returns. Founded by Sudarshan Lodha & Priyanka Rathore, Strata is one such investment platform which allows investors to gain with Grade A Premium Commercial Real Estate.

Strata is focused on bringing Commercial Real Estate to a larger plate of audience, thus breaking the geographical and financial barriers and providing better investment opportunities through its unique platform. With a futuristic approach, the company acts as a gateway to a whole new world of Real Estate Investment.

Identifying Assets & Opportunities
Strata uses real time market data on its platform for data about location, prices and sale transactions throughout the country and uses this information to find great investment options. This is a major approach that differentiates Strata from its contemporaries. The company proactively indulges in working harder towards best delivery.

With technology narrowing down barriers that otherwise existed in the conventional markets, it is now easier to benefit from the
far fetched opportunities. The investment sector is mostly dependent on fixed deposits, bonds, gold and residential real estate. The major chunk of investments is poured into residential real estate due to one of the major reasons being investors are looking for stable investments that could fetch sure shot returns.

The stock market today is majorly driven by retail. Retail investors have money and are looking for platforms to deploy their extra money. There is so much of room and appetite for the alternative investment sector to grow. Strata realizes this as a huge opportunity and the biggest uptake in commercial real estate. Especially, after the pandemic, most global companies would be looking for cost cutting and India stands a better chance for investments for the global investor due to the depreciating currency as compared to dollar. The Commercial RealEstate sector can fetch 3.5-4 times better returns that Residential real Estate.

Strata is focussed on making its clients richer through authentic real estate investments

Vision To Take Real Estate On A Global Plaform
Strata was conceived with a vision to take real estate globally. Through its advanced tech platform, Strata brings investors together and offers its clients end-to-end services towards hassle free investments and takes care of all the steps involved in the property tracking.

Strata had grown from zero to 470 crores of assets in a year with a tremendous response from over 1000 investors on its platform at the present. It caters to audience globally also involving NRI clients. Its assets offer diversification across multiple properties and cities. The company is passionate towards its services and plans to create a DIY platform for its clients in the near future. It also plans to increase NRI client participation to 50-60 percent on its way to growing to a Billion Dollar company.