• Sahaj: Not An Order Takes, But a Partner to Offer the Best & the Simplest Solutions
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    Sahaj: Not An Order Takes, But a Partner to Offer the Best & the Simplest Solutions

    A recent study by IDC revealed that the scale of IT service business will have an unprecedented increase with about 14.1 percent CAGR from 2014 to 2018, allowing IT Services to maximize business resources, improve management effectiveness and reduce exorbitant business costs. The numbers doesn’t seem unachiev able, as businesses are clinching on the rapidly growing technology for almost every thing to exhibit business agility in order to retain a competitive edge. But will this growth be an organic or an inorganic one? Today, most of the IT service companies act like parasites that stick to their clients’ IT nerve system and spread across to make more revenues or get attached to the client by designing complex solutions, feeding upon them for lifetime. While clients had no other...


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