• Stockgro: Empowering The Indian Youth To Make Smarter Investments Choices
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    Stockgro: Empowering The Indian Youth To Make Smarter Investments Choices

    Investments are a wise way of making money work for you. Yet, the lack of proper knowledge has prevented Indian youth from investing in high-return options like the stock market, which has a notorious reputation for being volatile and unreliable! Currently, only three percent of the Indian population actively invests in stocks. Within this three percent population, nearly 70 percent are individuals under the age of 30 years. With the rise in digital investment platforms and financial awareness, a greater proportion of Indian youth is starting to invest. It is a great indicator of growth as stocks are an excellent tool to compound wealth and the key is to know how to leverage them! When drawing a comparison between traditionally 'safer' investment options like FDs, stocks have always...


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