India International Healthcare Recruiters: Bridging The Gap Between Healthcare Personnels & Their Wishful Profession

Gurinder Singh, Managing Partner & Principal Consultant

Gurinder Singh

Managing Partner & Principal Consultant

Driven by factors such as a stupendous surge in demand for skilled English speaking healthcare professionals & associates, insufficient compensation/incentives at ones’country, demand & supply gap, and the zeal to work abroad, the immigration of adroit resources from developing countries to the developed ones is at alltime high. In fact, India tops the number of internationally trained doctors in the US and UK!

Nevertheless,apart from academics, aspirants have to clear a considerable number of assessments including screening, psychometric & language tests, and even practical exams to work in those nations as doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrative staff for hospitals. Rendering meticulous pedagogy through training programs developed by its incredible inhouse training team, India International Healthcare Recruiters(IIHCR) is regularly accomplishing 100 percent success rate!

Giving Flight to Healthcare Professional’s Dreams
Established in 1999, New Delhi-based IIHCR is India’s largest healthcare placement company with a track record of placing over
1000 healthcare professionals annually in most sought after global healthcare markets like the US, UK, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Ireland, Maldives and of course India. With offices across the three cardinal regions of the country(New Delhi, Mumbai and Kochi), effectual use of electronic & social media, and seminars in educational institutions like nursing colleges & hospitals, IIHCR has developed an extensive network that not only enables it to procure raw talent, but also create awareness about the vast opportunity in global healthcare.

IIHCR has developed an extensive network that not only enables IT to procure raw talent, but also create awareness about the vast opportunity in global healthcare

Maintaining a 1:3 ratio between healthcare professionals in recruitment & general graduates, and through written & skill based screening tests, the firm ensures selection of only bespoke resourcesfor its global clientele. Speaking the same language as the foreign employers, IIHCR understands & processes the international market, which has resulted into 90 per cent of its placements abroad. Apart from international recruitments, the firm also caters to Private organizations needful for proficient healthcare talents.

Duly Certified & Licensed, Commended & Loved
An ISO 9001:2015 certified company duly licensed by the Ministry of External Affairs, IIHCR has also been appointed a key member of International Recruitment. An ethical & transparent firm, it gets its licenses renewed each year, and levies no extra/hidden charges in the name of work or travel from clients or aspirants. The ‘perfect blend’ that IIHCR serves is enough purpose to substantiate why generations of the same house holds select it as their counselor. Having placed mothers & their daughters, and all the siblings of an entire family, IIHR has also witnessed its candidates financially supporting their siblings!

“We take pride in our strict quality standards in the candidates that we source and in our services,” asserts Col. Gurinder Singh, Managing Partner & Principal Consultant, IIHCR. Growing at a rate of 30percent YOY, the company foresees a great potential in the Indian healthcare recruitment market, which is one of the largest suppliers of healthcare professionals to the world.