• yellowRide: Track School Buses in Real-time
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    yellowRide: Track School Buses in Real-time

    It was in the year 2014 when Rhythm Mehta was in his middle school. Sadly, once, Rhythm came across a dreadful situation where his bus got stuck in traffic due to heavy rainfall in New Delhi. This naturally delayed the normal bus timings, and back home was his worried parents. Due to bad weather conditions, they couldn’t connect with the bus attendant which made it worse. This incident invokes thought in his mind. He thought to himself, ‘What if my parents could know I was safe?’ He did his part of research online but didn’t find any viable solution. A couple of years later, he got to know that one junior student in his school had experienced the same. This time, well prepared, he evaluated the current solutions and consulted the school management and parents about the problems...


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