• Faith Automation Systems: Turnkey Solution provider for Automotive Weld Lines
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    Faith Automation Systems: Turnkey Solution provider for Automotive Weld Lines

    The automotive industry continues to evolve demanding companies to do more with less that can be achieved by taking steps to standardize inventory, implement good preventive maintenance techniques and select the right product. More than ever, companies require operational efficiencies to maintain process flow and avoid unscheduled downtime of automated equipment. The outcome is often a wide breadth of products to manage and, with fewer resources, an increased potential for costly errors and unscheduled downtime. Not surprisingly, in an industry that requires repeatable, high-volume welds - some up to 500 parts in a single shift; consistency is critical and any deviation in quality could result in downtime, scrap or rework. Pune-based Faith Automation Systems & Tooling Pvt. Ltd., is a...


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