• Blutrronix Teknovations: Making The Work Place Smarter & Safer For People
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    Blutrronix Teknovations: Making The Work Place Smarter & Safer For People

    One of the most widely discussed trends in the digital age is the intersection of IoT and AI. Due to the pandemic's emergence changing how we live and work in the year 2021, it has acquired new precedence. Today, businesses all over India started to understand that IoT and AI are not just big things or another new term, but rather a technology with real potential to change industries and businesses. Today, IoT and AI are pervasive and affect how we interact with one another, work and communicate. A modern Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) company, Blutrronix aspires to become a recognized authority in the fields of ‘smart workspace solutions’ and ‘smart security solutions. It offers comprehensive solutions to its clients, assisting them in developing...

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