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    AI In HR & Recruitment

    Human resource is the foundation stone for any business empire which brings their desired outcome earning a recognizable position in the market. So, the right process of recruiting right person in your company is of utmost importance. With each passing day, technology is booming unfurling the flag of advancement in the sky making us aware of its existence in the human world. After the advent of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning various trending terms we get to hear like chatbot, ChatGPT and Internet of Things which are working like magical pills in transcending recruitment process and training every individual to make their jobs easier and faster.


Recruitment & HR Tech - The Current Indian Scenario

Omprakash Muppirala, VP-Engineering & Head, Fountain, India

Unleashing the Power of Tech Innovation in HR

Anjali Byce, Chief Human Resource Officer, STL

Improving the Quality of Candidates with Pre-Hiring Assessment

Anil Lanba, Executive Vice President, Pyramid IT Consulting

Idea or Execution: What is more Important for an Entrepreneur's Success?

Bhawna Agarwal, Country Head - Strategy & Growth, Hewlett Packard Enterprise