• eFiction India: Carrying a Writer's Voice to Its Readers Across the Globe
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    eFiction India: Carrying a Writer's Voice to Its Readers Across the Globe

    Gone are the days when only a handful of people pursued their passion for writing. With numerous publishing platforms on the web today, writers are coming out of the shadow to showcase their work more openly than ever before. From using social media platforms like Facebook to blogging platforms like Blogger, people are writing. Picking on the growing number of writers, several websites have stepped ahead to cater to the budding writers to share their content with the world. However, despite the rise in number of online platforms for writers, whether they write fiction, poetry, scripts, nonfiction or all of the above, such platforms often fail to provide the recognition that an aspiring writer strives for. Bridging the gap between an enthusiastic writer and its target audience is...


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