• Vicara: Control Your World
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    Vicara: Control Your World

    It all started at Intel’s IoT Roadshow in Pune. In August 2015, the two electronics engineering students from VIT University, Abhishek Satish & Adarsh Warrier took the audience by surprise with their futuristic product named the UHID (short for Universal Human Interface Device). A flashy orange colored kitchen glove embroidered with oddly mounted circuit boards and entangled wires. The complexity of the device demonstrated a true expression of freedom. And, what the device was capable of – was quite extraordinary! With just a gesture of a hand, it could open applications, seamlessly swipe pictures on the laptop screen, and orchestrate the lights around. For those who witnessed this event. It was indeed a sci-fi extravaganza. Amidst all the attention and attraction, the duo spotted...


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