• Enfield Riders: A Premier Adventure Lifestyle-Experience Company
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    Enfield Riders: A Premier Adventure Lifestyle-Experience Company

    At the age of 16, Baljeet got his first motorcycle, a Yamaha RX135. This was the start of his bike riding adventure days. Every single escapade of his, thereafter, revolved around his motorcycle and his bestie Poornima Gujral accompanying him. The childhood sweethearts, who have known each other for more than two decades, and married for about ten years now, enjoyed going on road trips more often than anything else in the world. In fact, every single travel plan of theirs included the fun element of motorcycle riding and eloping into the wilderness of uncharted, unexplored places across India. The favourite option being the roadways, the couple used to succeed in getting the motorcycles every time they travelled to newer locations. But to their surprise, at times, it was really...


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