• Appizion : An Emerging Partner Addressing All Your Staff Augmentation Needs
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    Appizion : An Emerging Partner Addressing All Your Staff Augmentation Needs

    An estimated $500 billion (INR 32 lac crores) in annual revenue, or around 25 percent of Indian GDP is generated by the global recruitment industry. Organizations that find and/or supply workers to other businesses are included in the staffing sector. Since the past four years, this has increased by 7 percent to 10 percent CAGR. By revenue, the Global HR & Recruitment Services sector will have a market value of $761.6 billion in 2023. Growth is anticipated to expand as a result of the integration of predictive analytics into HR operations and IT improvements. Appizion is a young firm with the goal of offering top-notch technology advisory and services all over the world. Set up with a goal of achieving global recognition for its systems integration services, Appizion provides full range...


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