• Bittmax: Bringing Mass Adoption to Cryptocurrencies
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    Bittmax: Bringing Mass Adoption to Cryptocurrencies

    In the U.S. (specifically NYC), there are numerous institutional clients operating in the crypto space. On the other hand, in India, it is so difficult for an institutional client to get an exposure to crypto. Moreover, not too many exchanges in India offer comprehensive APIs to trade automatically. Chandigarh based blockchain startup - Bittmaxhas come forward to offer an easy to use API that can be used to integrate third-party apps with the crypto ecosystem. Throwing light on, Vishal Vinayak, Co-founder, Bittmax, speaks, “Cryptocurrency exchanges in India are nowhere near the global peers. May it be liquidity, KYC delays or the User interface; exchanges in India have only been able to deliver sub-par products to the user and we think we can make this experience exponentially better....

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