• JUGGERNAUT: Redefining Reading And Writing For The Digital Age
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    JUGGERNAUT: Redefining Reading And Writing For The Digital Age

    To get more Indians to read books, to encourage more Indians to write and to make books less intimidating were the three driving factors that led to the establishment of Juggernaut. The inspiration for Juggernaut, a platform to find and read high-quality affordable books was determined by the fundamental understanding of the Indian public who are not such avid readers. The idea was to make books as accessible and available as videos are to the mass. “It was an interesting strategy, from redefining the concept of books to playing around with prices and utilizing the internet boom to push forward the written word. Chiki Sarkar was a well-known figure in publishing and along with Durga Raghunath, this new venture was nothing short of celebrated in the publishing world,” says Simran...


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