• Hornok: A Driver-Centric Mobility Platform
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    Hornok: A Driver-Centric Mobility Platform

    HORNOK is a super aggregator for the taxi ecosystem, which aims to decouple the demand & supply side of the business & looks at consolidating the entire taxi economy ($18 billion), spanning all the Tier 1, 2 cities & the unorganized part of the industry. By leveraging technology, HORNOK aims to fill the huge gap in supply & demand gap that exists today. ”We have extensively interacted with the driver community and discovered their pain points & needs, they want their vehicles to be utilized and compensated equitably by government standards, so there was a significant disparity in how companies understood the driver's needs. Consequently, this is how our company and product evolved to make the driver's life better, which directly leads to better fulfillment & higher rider/customer...


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