• S4S Technocrafts: Elite Technocrafts Delivering Definite Success
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    S4S Technocrafts: Elite Technocrafts Delivering Definite Success

    It is no secret that the raising economy of India is celebrated for its versatile manpower by the entire world. Even such clever workforce tends to squander client’s precious time and money by causing umpteen of iterations solely due to the lack of knowledge about the end zone. Nulli fying the seiterations to heighten the efficiency while heading the India operations fora Californian company, Srinag Bs felt the need for a different value proposition, since the foundation itself was weak. Thus, with the blessings of his family who supported him despite the incalculable risks, he established S4S Technocrats, a Technology Services & Management Consulting Company, in September 2014with the disruptive formula of providing Services with Systematic Skills in Synergy of Scope and Scalability...


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