• A New City of Startups
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    A New City of Startups

    Recognized as the city of Nizams, Hyderabad shows immense potential to become another hub for start-ups alongside Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. The city over the past few years has indicated a promising growth in terms of having a stable environment for startups because of its co-operation with investors, academia and the government. Hyderabad is now home to some of the largest organizations in India including Indian defence companies, a geographical research centre, education centre, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industrial centre, and IT/ITES hub. As per a report by NASSCOM titled Indian Startup Ecosystem Maturing 2016 stated that around 70 per cent of Indian startups are concentrated in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. The state of Telangana was formed in June 2014 – by this time,...


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