• RightGifting: Personalized Collection of Gifts
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    RightGifting: Personalized Collection of Gifts

    The Gifting industry over the years has miserably failed to do any sort of improvements in the personalization of products as its main feature. The choices of gifts have been quite limited for the customers. Since the art of gifting is something that we hold close to us, it is significant that the choice of gifts reciprocates the right feelings and good wishes for the person cherished. This is where Bangalore based RIGHTGIFTING comes in. The company provides a range of personalized custom made gifts – such as designer pillow covers or personalized fleece blankets, customized cushions, amongst others. “Even now when digital technology is growing in this industry, the number of companies that are using it to make personalised gifts remains few. This I believe is the main issue we are...


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