• Send Fast: Redefining Last Mile Logistics
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    Send Fast: Redefining Last Mile Logistics

    Let’s imagine a situation! There’s a meeting at 2 pm and you order your food at 12.45 pm hoping that it would arrive within the next half an hour. For some reason, your anticipation goes wrong and the food arrives at 1.45 naturally making you cranky. In such an instance, the first thing you do is go out and tweet about the bad experience and also the bad food. If the food is good, it is still a trouble for the brand because despite planning the delivery with such acute precision, it turns out to be a spoiler. Now, you flip the situation and delve deep to understand the reason for the delay and you realize that the delivery person does not take any special efforts to get your package delivered late. In fact, his deliverable is to deliver on time and there are repercussions for...


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