Microsoft Launches New Program To Help Indian Startups

Si TeamThe American company has launched 100x100x100 program to help the Indian Saas startups. Saas is a cloud based service where instead of downloading software it just uses application to connect via internet browser.

The program will help in providing many opportunities to the startups. The company can communicate and connect very easily from all around the corners.

Microsoft Company said that the
program will bring about 100 companies and startups together. Each company will have to spend USD 100,000 over the course of 18 months.

The companies that will be a part of the program will get access to the customers at the Microsoft Company. It will guide the startups about how to turn their companies into a great business platform.

Anant Maheshwari the president of Microsoft India said that the initiative that they are taking is to help and give opportunities to the startups. The companies can also track their digital journeys and can get the enterprised solutions or ideas through this program.

Microsoft allows the startups to use the marketplace and expand their business. The company has also expanded M12 its fund to India. If the startup companies are willing to accept the program then it could also be useful to many other companies or customers. It could set an example for others.

We can expect more news or updates from Microsoft as SatyaNadella the chief executive will be appearing for flagship conference.