Startup Genome & Karnataka Government Partners To Accelerate State's Startup Ecosystem

Startup Genome and the Government of Karnataka today announced a partnership to accelerate growth in the state's startup ecosystems. The two organisations will collaborate to support and promote startup ecosystems not only in fast-growing cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, and Mysore, but also in cities throughout North Karnataka.

Startup Genome is the leading research and policy advisory organisation for governments and private institutions committed to advancing startup ecosystems, with over 100 clients across six continents and 40+ countries to date.

The next edition of Startup Genome's Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), the world's most comprehensive and widely-read research on startups, will include notable startups from Karnataka.

This collaboration between BBC and Startup Genome will not only provide global exposure to startups but also help Karnataka emerge as one of the most powerful innovation hubs globally

"Karnataka's startup ecosystems have the potential to change the world on an enormous scale, especially in the subsectors of biotechnology and healthtech," said Marc Penzel, Founder and President of Startup Genome. "We are proud to build on the important work that's already been done to establish Karnataka as an important tech hub and bring more global exposure to it."

The Karnataka government has established a number of organisations to foster startup growth, such as Bangalore Startup Hub.

The Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society established the BioInnovation Centre (BBC) under the auspices of the Department of Electronics, IT, BT, and S&T of the Government of Karnataka. BBC is India's largest biotechnology startup hub, and it was founded as a joint initiative of the Government of India's Department of Biotechnology and the Government of Karnataka's Departments of Electronics, IT, BT, and S&T.

KITS serves as the Department's nodal agency for providing assistance to startups, entrepreneurs, and researchers in the fields of life sciences, healthcare, agriculture, industrial and environmental biotechnology, information technology, and electronics.

Furthermore, Startup Genome will work with KITS to improve collaboration with industry, academia, incubators, accelerators, and corporates in order to promote the startup ecosystem in Karnataka. KITS has Global Innovation Alliance partnerships with 21 countries and assisted Karnataka in developing India's first startup policy before India launched a national policy.

The BBC's new collaboration with Startup Genome will increase opportunities for local startups to gain national and international exposure.

Dr. E V Ramana Reddy, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Electronics, IT, BT, and S&T, Government of Karnataka, and Chairman of BBC, said on the occasion, "This collaboration between BBC and Startup Genome will not only provide global exposure to startups but also help Karnataka emerge as one of the most powerful innovation hubs globally."

"We are committed to strongly supporting our innovation ecosystem, and we have no doubt the next few years will see substantial expansion", said Managing Director of KITS, Ms Meena Nagaraj, IAS.

"Collaborating with an international organization like Startup Genome will help in our mission to ensure startups have the opportunity to grow and get attention around the world," said Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Managing Director of Bangalore BioInnovation Centre.